Thursday, October 30, 2014

Believing Your Fears

Ahhh says the wise man, one of those self fulfilling attributes of being human.  Believing your fears is one of the things that haunts most people and it is one of the things that can hold us back from healing our lives and moving forward.

Fears are tricky little pests.  They fake us into believing that they are real and all of the time they are nothing but parasites feeding upon our own energy.

Of course, there are real fears.  If you're walking through a dark alley and feel some shadow following you, the fear you're going to get attacked is most likely real.  If you're walking in the safari of Africa and see the lions surrounding you, I'm sure the fear you're probably going to have to outrun a lion is real.  Yes, fears are real.

Unfortunately in our society, every day stress and experiences have created fears within us.  They don't necessarily make sense, but our fears get intertwined with real life and become all twisted defying logic.

Fears can hold us back by making us think that something in our life is like the biblical Goliath, yet it may be smaller than a pebble that we can pick up and use to take the giant, Goliath, down.  Fears love to inflate themselves.  Fears love to blow themselves out of proportion and do so under the smartest of disguises.

I remember going through counseling and fears would often overwhelm me about the smallest of things.  Time and time again, we would go through exercises giving solutions in case that fear did become real.  Once the solutions were in place for various scenarios, it seemed like the fear would vanish.

When I'm in a Unified Therapy session, fear becomes something we readily notice.  Its easy to see how big the fears can get and almost to the point where they make you feel like you are dying.  In many ways, you are dying, but not in the physical sense that fear leads you to believe.

Believing your fears is something we become good at as we grow up.  We're taught this way by our family, our caregivers and through our education and culture.  Some fears are real and others are not, but we have to be very careful in what fears we continue to believe in.

Fear is part of being human.  There is no way to escape it.  However, the more we embrace and learn to deal with our fear, the more power we hold over our current ones and the ones that will show up in the future.

We can't hide from fear or avoid fear, because they will show up in other ways.   We can't dismiss them or act as if they don't exist, because we're only adding more energy to them and creating a bigger problem for ourselves in the future.

The only way we can deal with fear is to go in and give it a handshake.  Let fear know that you know it is there.  By doing this, you are learning what you need to from fear and taking away its power.  The more power you take away from fear, the stronger you become and more real you are.

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  1. I've noticed sometimes that I can feel fear, but then forget what started it. Boy, that's something I've got to say.






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