Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Are You Ready To Heal It?

Often we come up against things in our life where they feel more difficult than we wish, but we're not ready to do anything different.  We may not be in a place where we've gone through all that we need to or were ready to move beyond it.  The question we all need to ask ourselves is "are you ready to heal it?"

Too often we want to push through what we are at because of the discomfort.  It can be very painful.  It can be very difficult to deal with and it can be overwhelming.  Sometimes we just so badly want the pains and horrible moments of life to disappear.

Yet, we may not be ready to heal it.  We may not be ready to move beyond where we are at and go the distance.  We may only be in the spot where we are beginning to notice it and align with all that it is.

There may be a negative pleasure associated with where we are at.  Often times, there is some attraction to what it is that we face, even if we are unaware or unconscious of it.  You see this displayed all the time in relationships that have gone bad.  Because of the fear of being alone and not loved, two people stay together.  This is negative pleasure.  We all do it.  It is part of being human and experiencing life through the human perspective.

From what I have learned in my life, I'm not always ready to heal some area that I'm struggling with in my day.  I may think I am and I may say that I am, but if I'm truly honest with myself, I am not always ready to heal some issue I'm facing.

Be honest and open with yourself.  Realize that not everything has to happen today.  It is okay to take time to heal and move forward.  Life is not a marathon.  Life is about discovery.  The more we discover, the more human we become.  It is a continual process.

Don't let anyone shame you into thinking that these moments you face must be healed today.  Don't let anyone shame you into thinking that you have to move on and forgive or whatever it is that they feel you must do.

All healing is done in your own time and when you are ready.  You can ask the question to yourself, "are you ready to heal it", but just know that when you are ready to take that step, you will know it and it will happen.  It won't happen a moment too soon, but in the time that is right for you.  This is a journey of discovery in your life.

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