Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Change To Heal

Its easy to just go with the flow and think the skies will part and the birds will fly.  Yet, in order to heal, we often need to make changes in our life and our beliefs.  Some of these changes to our beliefs will be met with resistance unlike anything we have ever attempted to do.  Yet, if we hold on to everything that continues us to live in our despair, how will we change?  How will we heal?

From the moment we are born, we are brought into a world of beliefs, opinions and teachings that we soak up at a record pace.  What our caregivers, parents, siblings and those around us do, we soak up as a sponge soaks up water.  We crave to know more about this world we have been born into and inhabit.

Unfortunately some of the things that we are taught really don't serve our life well.  Some times they are limiting to us and throughout our life, we will come to know that we must shed them if we want to discover more about our self. 

When we come upon moments in our life where healing is being held back, sometimes we have to go in and change our life from these core moments so we can heal.  Sometimes it requires us to step out in faith and change core beliefs because while that belief got us to this point in our life, it may no longer serve us going forward.

We learn survival skills and techniques which become our beliefs and opinions.  In the moment we learned them, they most likely were necessary for us to get this far in life.  However, if we don't continue to challenge each one of these things and discard those that no longer serve us, we will hold ourselves back from becoming all that we can be.

It isn't always easy to go through this process, but if you do it with someone you trust, it can be much easier.  Just make sure that the person going through this journey with you has a heart bigger than the universe and an ego that you would have to search for days to find.  Too many people have it the opposite way around.

As you heal though, take comfort in knowing that sometimes change is what is needed.  Sometimes giving up those old beliefs and opinions and thoughts and practices are what will set you free.  Holding on to them for the safety you feel is not liberating.  It is restricting!

Have faith and courage to take the step forward while letting go, and you will truly find yourself and all that you are meant to be in this life.

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