Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Is This Abundance Training?

One thing I've been learning about is how to change my life from the core outward.  In one area, abundance, I've learned to let go of long held beliefs and views and opinions that were holding me back.  Abundance training was not about attracting anything to me, but letting go of that which no longer served me.

Now I know that many in abundance training teach to visualize and attract things into your life.  While there is nothing wrong with knowing where you are heading and what you want, it really gives you a distorted or one sided view in my opinion.  The discovery of asking these questions is a good thing, but fixating upon it can actually hold you back.

A couple of years ago I was struggling to find any work and take care of myself financially.  Abundance was just a concept that different people tried to explain to me.  Unfortunately they explained it through their lens into life which didn't apply to me.  I floundered around looking for teaching and training that would help.  Some of these things worked and some caused more frustration.  (see What I Have Learned About Unlimited Abundance).

I finally found one program that began helping me change my life.  It was a training program that was too expensive at the time, but eventually I was able to purchase it.  While some of it doesn't apply to my own particular life, the part that really helped me the most was learning to let go.  To find myself and to find abundance for my life, I have to let go!

As I move further into this though, I am realizing much more.  At the time of my greatest struggle there was hardly any income coming into my life.  Jobs were scarce and I fought through the depression, despair, and boredom.

Then I came upon a job that just blew my mind because even though it was difficult, I loved the work and the people I worked with.  Life became exciting and alive to me.  I looked forward to getting up each day and embarking upon whatever came through my path.

Recently I was promoted to a different position and this has been a challenge.  I miss the people I worked with because they saw my worth and they respected me.  I miss the moments of creativity which I long for in anything I do.  I miss the challenges of growth from the old job that pushed me to greater heights and made me feel alive.

This position now is income and more of it than I've had in many years which is good.  However, it feels like more of a job, than something that is helping me express myself and helping me grow as an individual.  I find myself bored most days longing for a sense of purpose.  It is what it is and hopefully I will grow into it.

So as I look back on abundance, I recognize that with a job or without a job, what's left is still there.  The issues I faced of boredom and not feeling challenged and wondering what's next is still there.  It doesn't matter if I have the income flow or not, what is left at the end of the day is still missing.

This is the part that I must discover and learn to let go in my life.  It is the deeper question of who I am and what I'm about.  It is the preparation for what lies ahead.   I can't even name all that it is at this moment, but I can see that abundance is so much more than a job I have or the paycheck coming in.

I know deep down that my life has so much more coming and that I'm going to touch even more lives than I do today.  I'm not here to just be one of the crowd and I don't say this in an egotistical manner.  I just know the drive and determination towards something much bigger that has not arrived yet.

This is a time of learning for me and abundance will come as I learn more to let go and learn more about myself.  Abundance is not what some have tried to teach me because it focuses solely on how much money one makes.  Abundance is about aligning with all that you can be and serving humanity at the highest possible level.

Of course, it can help to learn and read on these subjects such as abundance because the more you learn about yourself, the more you become in this life.  Sometimes we find even in the places that don't seem like they are worthy, that there are morsels of truth in each one.  The morsels of truth are the building blocks of life and the rest is chaff that can be tossed into the wind.

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