Tuesday, August 26, 2014

We Must Learn To Become Human

Humans are a funny species at times.  Sometimes they do what is right and honorable with other people and other times, it feels like humans have all but vanished from this earth.  I try hard to not comment on all the egotistical news of the modern day, but sometimes I shake my head in amazement.

I see stories of animal abuse that make you want to cringe in ways I can't even comprehend.  I see stories of people abusing children in one form or another from actual physical and sexual abuse to thought control.

I see people preaching one thing and then doing the complete opposite of the words they have used.  It makes me remember a quote my Dad always used to say, "Don't do as I do - do as I tell you to do".  These people preach love and acceptance and kindness, but when push comes to shove, they do everything but that.  Why?  I never will understand most likely.

People get engaged in the hyped up media and politics of the current day acting as if they are the sole source of knowledge and wisdom of all places in this world.  Yet, their current wealth of information comes from news reports they see.  I think anyone could look at news reporting these days and see that it is more biased, than unbiased.  To base your view of the world on such things is like trying to stand at the surf of the ocean in the wet sand, thinking that they can stand without falling over.

Maybe it would be best if we all stop for a second and take stock of our own life.  Maybe if we just took a moment and began to see what it is that we needed for our day, we could understand others much better.  Maybe if we just realized that the words and thoughts and actions we used in our day often were knives hurled at the heart of another person, we would think twice before we did such things.

I grew up in a home where I was taught to be critical of everyone around me.  It wasn't lessons that I sat down and had to learn.  It was just taught inherently by those in authority over me.  We often mimic that which we have been shown.  We imitate that which we see.  Do you ever stop to think of what you are teaching others by the actions, thoughts, and words of your own life?

There is always room for improvement, but when we view all others as the source of our problems in this world, we have our eyes looking the wrong direction.  It is only when we begin to look deep within ourselves that we truly will begin to understand other people.  To understand others, we must first understand ourselves and that's a never-ending task!

Humans are meant to be helping one another in this civilization, but unfortunately we are squandering this through our own unhealed pain and a life that has become anything but conscious.  If we are to survive as a human species, we must learn to become human and that journey begins within each one of us. If we are to evolve as a human species, it is imperative that we must learn to become human.

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