Thursday, August 28, 2014

Immature View Of Massage

Why am I not surprised?  I mean, this happens all the time and this particular example isn't an exception to the norm it seems.  The immature view of massage is displayed all too often by all too many people.  I'm not sure if people that do this are just immature or ignorant or a combination of the two.

Immature views of massage hurt the massage profession.  In fact in Florida, we now have to get a background check and finger prints just to do massage.  While I realize that is to help stop human and sex trafficking, these attitudes displayed in this picture above and the comments on the post for it, don't help.

Imagine if I asked you what your job profession was and then I began to make sick jokes about it.  Let's say that if you are in business, I automatically assume you're a thief and you steal money from people because some have done that.  Or let's say that you're a teacher and I automatically assume that you try to have relationships with your kids.  How absurd would that be.  Let's say you're a food service industry worker such as a waiter and I make the unfounded claim that you're too lazy to get a real job.  None of these statements would be remotely true and would be very hurtful if they were lobbied at you constantly.  Don't worry, I don't believe this way, but I was using these as examples only!  I know they are not true.

Yet, in our society, we think that massage is only about sex.  We think that it is just about happy endings.  We don't take the time to enlighten our thinking and work on our ignorance.  We just keep spreading the same old worn out lines about massage.  We fail to see just how much it hurts the legitimate healing industry out there.

Here's some of the comments on this Facebook posting by a group that really wants to celebrate life and all people (unfortunately they missed the mark here in very big way and they should be ashamed of themselves).  Facebook should be ashamed of itself for allowing this as well because both of these places are contributing to the problem, rather than helping the world.

Comments taken directly from the post (user info withheld)
  • Happy endings...
  • Talk about your happy endings!! Wow
  • Need location please lol
  • LMAO
  • That's what you call "Extra service"
  • Bargain!!
  • Sign Me Up?
  • Well, at least they are honest.
I've had friends think it was funny to make these statements and most around me know that if you say these things to me, you're going to get a lecture!  It isn't funny people, unless you think my earlier statements in this post are funny.  I could make jokes about your life and your work that would hurt you in many ways, but it would not be right!  I don't do that.  I think it is inhuman and sad to do this to others.

Massage in your twisted mind may be only about sex and if it is, then I truly feel sorry for you.  Massage can be some of the most healing touch to a body.

I think people who make these statements have an immature view of massage and are ignorant.  They do nothing to help themselves see beyond their own narrow minded views, but they act as if they are somehow the authority on this subject.

I really get tired of these statements and the people that make them.  The last thing I want is to do anything sexual with some stranger when I'm a healer, not a sex worker or prostitute.  People flatter themselves too much and they think that if they throw a little money someone's way, it will get them what they want.  I've had to fight off the many advances of this profession and expectations by clients that thought I was there to give them a happy ending.  How disgusting and sick and perverted!

All I can say is, if you don't have something good to say about an industry, you might want to be quiet.  By opening your mouth with an immature view of massage, you're really showing the world just how ignorant you are.  Maybe that is your intent, but do the world a favor and attempt to act as if you are human.

Before you make jokes about the profession I have chosen, realize that I spent thousands of dollars and spent many hours in school to learn this profession.  I was required to take a very difficult exam to prove I could do the work and the requirements I am expected to adhere to are intense.  I'm not a sex worker.  I'm not here for your gratification.  I'm a regular person trying to help others heal and I would love it if others could either understand that or keep their thoughts to themselves..

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