Thursday, August 14, 2014

Chocolate Is My Stress Food

I didn't just say that did I?  Say it isn't so!  Yes, you read that title correctly that chocolate is my stress food.   I'm sorry, but I admit it.  Now pass me some chocolate!

With all funniness aside, chocolate is in fact my stress food.  When I'm stressed, it is whats for dinner!  That sounds bad doesn't it, but in many ways it is true.  Hey at least I'm being honest!

These past several weeks I have been under a lot of stress and struggling with some issues in life.  Even if I wanted to put down the chocolate, I was consuming a lot of it!  Even with a desire to cut back on how much I was consuming, I still ate it like there was no tomorrow.

Chocolate is not only my stress food, but it brings me comfort.  I have a feeling I'm not alone.  Not that I'm happy about it, but it is what it is.

I'm sure the chocolate companies know this and they make sure we as a world are never short on supply.  In fact, I've got a feeling that this healthy dark chocolate thing isn't all that its cracked up to be when it comes to the research studies.  I think there is a dark side to this, but at this point, I have no way to prove it.

After some deep bodywork where I let go of a lot that I was struggling with, I've noticed that my chocolate intake has decreased considerably from what it was.  Imagine what the chocolate manufacturers would think on that one, but it is true. For the first time in several weeks, I've been able to walk away from chocolate or stop at a few pieces, rather than gorging myself on it.

At one time in my life I hated chocolate.  My parents would get me all this chocolate Easter candy and months after, they would find it hiding in my dresser drawer.  I guess I would tell them I was saving it or something.  We rarely got much candy or chocolate, unlike today's society where a big bag of it is the norm when you go shopping.

Then I began to like chocolate until one very bad day came along and something triggered me so that chocolate gave me nothing more than migraine headaches.  I stopped eating it for a long time, but then started up again several years ago.  In some ways, I wish I still didn't eat it.

Stress does push us towards finding comfort food!  Chocolate, sugar, and many other things do it for most people.  I don't have to state the obvious because if you're struggling with comfort food, you know exactly what I mean.  It doesn't even have to be a "stressful moment", but just the overall little stresses that build up.

Unfortunately, we have a lot of poor nutritional food out there and so it doesn't take too much stress with some comfort food to really put us over the top!  In addition, very few people really practice deep healing and release therapy to get rid of stress and the things that build up to cause it.

Its one of those never ending moments where if you're stressed, you look for negative pleasures and the more negative pleasures you indulge in, the more you need to comfort you from the stress.  Dealing with the stress and the build up of it is by far a key in what a person consumes and how much they consume.

I know its not easy because I struggle with it and I see the weight that I have gained lately as a result.  I'm hoping that after the realignment in life and balance I got in a session of intense bodywork, that maybe I'll find more balance in the chocolate I consume.

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