Monday, August 11, 2014

Are You Hiding From Stress?

Stress takes on many shapes and sizes for many different people.  What may appear to be stress to someone, may just be another part of life.  What may seem as nothing, may be more stressful to the individual than is often realized. 

In humans and in our world we often negate the effects of stress.  We numb ourselves to it and we so efficiently hide from it, that we barely know it exists.  As humans, we are very adept at treating stress as something that is around us, but it doesn’t affect us one bit.

At one time in my life, I had everyone believing that I handled all stress in my day as I put on the “happy face”.  No one realized the daily torment I went through in my own life.  No one realized just how stressed out I was.  No one realized just how on the verge of collapse I was right before the Conversion Disorder hit in full swing.

Too many I know and see often present themselves to the world as having no stress or having everything under control.  From the happy feel good thoughts, to the downright utterance that they have no stress, I see how people I know hide this from the world.  They are masters at it just like I was.  Unfortunately as I stated above, I know first hand how life ending this can be.

Yes, I know that to confront the things in life that are your demons is not easy.  I know how difficult it is to sometimes make it through a day, let alone giving any bit of energy to all that is holding one’s self back.  I know how difficult it is to even allow yourself to go down the road into the stress and torment that you face in your life.  I also know what can happen as a result.

With our society at a crossroads and people succumbing to the effects of stress as played out in physical conditions and ailments, we must learn to do better than we are doing.  We must learn that to hide from the stress and pains in our life is not the norm, but something that you do as part of a numbing practice routine in your day. 

When I hear people say they don’t feel pain in their body or when I hear them say all too quickly that they are over something and have moved on and forgiven someone, I am suspect of the degree of numbing in their life.  Because I’ve been there, I can readily see the numbing displayed before me.  It often makes me hurt for these people.

Just because we have all of this stuff to deal within life does not mean there is no hope.  Just because we have all of this stuff to deal with does not mean there is nothing we can do about it or that it is too overwhelming to begin the process.

Life is not about stress or pain, but how we learn to deal with all that has happened in our day and our life.  Life is not a marathon of competition, but of self-discovery and healing and learning to be as human as we can be.  We are biological organisms in the quest for awareness and a higher consciousness, not one of imprisoned survival. 

Learn to be truthful with yourself and acknowledge the pains, the stresses, and the difficult moments.  No, it doesn’t mean that you have to be negative all day long, but please be real.  Hiding these things may serve a temporary purpose to you at this moment, but if you continue down this road in life, they will catch up with you.   

When stresses and pain catches up with you, life will not be easy.  There is hope and we all have the ability to wake up if we so choose and desire to do this.

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