Friday, December 7, 2012

Pushing Beyond The Fears - Part Two

Pushing Beyond The Fears - Part Two
This is Part 2 in a 2 part series.  Please begin by reading Part 1.

I was so miserable inside and I felt my life longing to be more than I was. There was something inside of me that kept pushing me forward. It kept pushing me beyond my fears. So, then it happened! I decided to help out Duplin Outdoor Drama, selling tickets. Okay, it wasn’t anything earth shattering. Millions of people could have done that, but to me it was still hiding behind a table handling cash, but taking a major baby step to go beyond my four walls. It was a slow emergence out into the world, but all the time hiding behind a barrier (aka the table that separated me from the people wanting to buy tickets to the show.) Soon, I was taking on more and more responsibilities, from helping to line up workers to manage the ticket tables, to making the deposits into the bank after the show. In time, I would be elected to the board of directors and help run the organization, along with other volunteers.

Maybe this doesn’t sound like something earth shattering and in many ways it is not. Yet, by putting myself out there into something I would normally have never done in a million years, I began to heal myself from this fear. In fact, I began to make some close friends and when I had to leave there a year later to catch another journey in my life, I was saddened by the thought of leaving this place. Only a year earlier, I had been so afraid to venture out into this world.

You see, when we allow ourselves to go into the fear, even if we feel like we are going to die, we will find an amazing thing happens. Transformation of our life takes off at rocket speeds. We may not be able to see it in that moment or even feel it, but when we turn in our script of life for something that is beyond our comprehension, we have the opportunity to unite our mind, body and soul together as one. When we make this connection, power beyond our wildest dreams is available at the edges of our fingertips.

Life is not about standing back in our fear, but pushing forward through our fears. A friend recently reminded me of that. Do I have more fear after this? Yes I do. It would be silly to think otherwise, but I keep learning the lessons of life that I can keep pushing beyond my fears. Life isn’t about having all the answers and being the strongest or the most perfect. Life is about learning from the lessons that are presented to us. Sometimes we learn those lessons quickly and sometimes they last a lifetime. It isn’t about having no fear, but learning to harness that fear so that we can soar to new heights that we would have never guessed to be possible in our life.

If you are facing fears in your life, push beyond them! Find your courage and your strength and take note of support around you. Then fire up those muscles and don’t stop until you’ve pushed through the fear. Don’t let the fear win! Don’t let yourself be taken under by something that looks like a giant, when in fact it is nothing more than the smallest object you can observe. It just feels like a giant. You are much more powerful than you realize and the more you embrace the power within you, the more you are becoming acquainted with who you truly are. Embrace your life and keep pushing beyond the fears.

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