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Flu - Cold Season And Mind Body Healing

Flu - Cold Season And Mind Body Healing
I read a recent article in our local newspaper that caught my attention.  It stated that the flu and cold season was starting early according to local health clinics.  While I'm sure that is the case, I find it sad that we function as if flu and colds are a normal part of the human existence.

It is easy to get in the mindset that getting sick or getting colds or other health conditions are just part of every day life for humans.  However, this need not be the case.  Now, before you think I'm all whacky and some part of the new age hype, I am speaking from experience here.

A long time ago it seems now, I didn't get sick often, but I would get colds.  I had headaches, including migraines.  I had stomach ulcers, allergies, neck stiffness, back aches, depression, anxiety, conversion disorder, and paralysis, among other things that I can barely remember now.  In fact, I was on medication at one time or another for each of these things and never thought I would be able to function without medications.  I never thought I could be healthy enough to function without all of these conditions.

Then, it happened!   I started to get a tremendous amount of work done on me to help heal my life.  After a life changing event where I lost my mom in a car accident, my entire world turned upside down.  Yes, I had a lot of trauma and if you read my book, Hope And Possibility Through Trauma, you will see some of the situations I had to deal with in my life.  While it would be easy for anyone to recognize that the trauma I had been through was somehow exceptional and the sole reason my body experienced these health conditions, that would not be entirely true.

All of us have gone through some type of stress or trauma.  My trauma and experiences in life are no different than the next one and my trauma isn't worse than what anyone else went through.  Trauma is trauma.  Sure there are varying degrees of how the body reacts and deals with it, but trauma is trauma!  The daily build up of stress can be just as harmful as some traumatic experience.  The point of this is, we all have our experiences and unless we have physically released them, they are still within our cells, our body, and our minds.  They are part of us and until they are dealt with, they impact our body in physical ways.

I know, I know - we often sit there and minimize half of what happened to us in life because we don't want to blame someone for what we went through in our past.  Of course, I'm not suggesting that you do that because blaming someone in your past will not get you to the result of healing.  We have to take care of ourselves now and deal with whatever life has given to us.  Yes, it matters what we went through in life, but what matters more is what we do in our life today.

For the more we avoid the inevitable of the physical manifestations of these experiences, the more our body will experience health conditions, including the flu and cold season.  Someone reading this might think that they have moved on from it all, but again if you don't deal with the physical aspects, it will deal with you.  Trust me on that one!  In case you think I'm nuts, research it and try to prove me wrong.  I can' show you a lot of cases that prove what I am saying.  I'm not trying to sound sarcastic.  I am just passionate about it because I have seen it first-hand.

Anyway, let's get back to the subject at hand.  When we look at the cold and flu season as normal, we are voiding the mind body connection.  We are dis-empowering the healing nature we have inside of us.  We are ignoring the fact that illness takes place when the body is out of balance, not because it is something a majority of the population experiences.  Read Dr. Joe Dispenza's book, "Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself", to learn and understand just how we can heal our lives.

The body is a miraculous thing and the more we take care of it, the more it will take care of us.  We only get one body in this lifetime, so if we abuse it, we can not expect it to give us a long and healthy life.  If we learn how to connect the mind and body together, things like the cold and flu season will not be a concern to us.  If we learn how to eat nutritionally, then we'll have the fuel to power our cells in a healthy way.  Don't settle for what you were taught growing up that you can't impact your health, because you can.  Many people have done this and we all need to challenge every one of our beliefs about the human existence, rather than playing the same tapes over and over every day of our lives.

Tomorrow, we will discuss the flu and cold season as it relates to getting the proper nutrition we need to maximize our body's potential.  Come back tomorrow to read the blog post on Flu and Cold Season and Nutrition.

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