Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holidays Suck Less

Holidays Suck Less
This year, I have been trying something different.  In years past, I barely lived through any of the major holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Normally I would be taken under by the weight of past experiences, hoping that the minutes would rush by and the end would come quickly.  In order to make holidays suck less, I decided it was time to change things in life.

One of the things I did this year was I had some major healing release work done on me just prior to the holidays.  Going into these healing sessions, I wasn't completely fixated on the holidays, but it was definitely on my mind.  Through these healing sessions, I was surprised at what came up and took place.  It was a far different picture than what I thought it would look like and it felt far different than what I expected.

As a result though, I'm making it this year much better than most years.  Yes, I still feel the stress and weight of the past, but they are not as large of creatures as I normally would observe.  It is like they are normal every day stress, not giants that would gobble me up in one bite.  They are manageable in that I can do some regular activities to help deflate the stress, rather than be over taken by it.  It helps me to experience a moment when holidays suck less.

Another thing I'm doing is giving myself time to relax and meditate.  I'm not pushing myself into stressful moments or trying to see how much I can get done in a day.  I'm really putting into practice, the concept of "stop, sense and feel".  By stopping to give myself time to sense and feel, I am able to process all that my mind and body is experiencing.  I am giving myself permission to be easy on myself and honor those places within me that are shifting and changing.

In many ways though, the most important thing I'm doing is I am making a conscious effort that I want this year to be different.  It is not mere words that holidays suck less, but it is a shift in my mindset and energetic awareness that there is more than the normal firing neural pathways.  In many ways, it is up to me to make my own current experiences into what they need to be.  I don't need to live in the false illusion that I had this beautiful holiday experience growing up.  In fact, I can see that Thanksgiving and Christmas meant a great deal to me, but they don't have to completely consume me, positively or negatively.

Who's to say what will happen as the month of December goes, because I am writing this just a couple of days after Thanksgiving.  However, for now I am weathering this time in a much better way, and not feeling taken under by the holidays.  I hope that this will continue and I'm going to do everything I can to help it stay that way.  If it gets rough, I'll try to remind myself and honor the journey of my life, realizing not everything has to be perfect.  After all, life and healing is a process.

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