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Flu And Cold Season And Nutrition

Flu And Cold Season And Nutrition
While stress, trauma, and past experiences in life have a large effect on the health of our body, there are other factors that play into the health of our body.  If you have not already read yesterday's post about "Flu - Cold Season And Mind Body Healing, I would urge you to do that.  Of course, getting proper nutrition into your body each day helps during cold and flu season.

Eating processed, fried and mutilated foods will not give your body the proper nutrition it needs.  You need whole foods, including vegetables and fruits.  Less sugar, high fructose corn syrup and fatty foods are essential for optimal health.  These foods do nothing but add further stress to your body.  Our diets are lacking in proper nutrition in this country and we consume way too much of what we should not and not enough of what we should.

There is one thing we do in our house each day and that is every morning we have our whole food smoothies.  They are based upon the Food Based Healing principles by Jeff Primack of We have the Blendtec blender and we take whole vegetables and fruits (skins, seeds and all) and make them into a blended smoothie we drink every morning.  It helps give us all of what we need as well as fiber and it sets up our day with a boost of healthy nutrition.  Since we have been doing this routine, we do not get colds or flu.  Yes, this is in addition to the other healing work I mentioned in the previous blog post, and it is a major part of our day.

In addition, we try to eat healthy and we watch the ingredients in the stuff we buy as well as how we eat and cook.  If everyone would start to pay attention to the labels on every food ingredient they purchase, it would be an eye opening moment of consciousness in this world.  If you start doing this, you will be amazed at what goes into the food products you buy that you would never have dreamed was in them.  It is definitely eye opening.  So much sugar and high fructose corn syrup are added to food items that do not need this stuff, but in order to get people to consume more, the manufacturers know that by adding these ingredients, their sales will go up.  My best piece of advice is the next time you go to the grocery store get your reading glasses or magnifying glass out and read the labels.

Water is also a vital part of nutrition in our bodies.  Estimates claim our bodies are anywhere from 60% to around 80% or 90% water.  In fact, our brain requires a great deal of water to function and if you don't drink enough water, you will notice this very quickly.  The vast majority of people in this world do not drink enough water in a day.  We often believe that we are hydrating our bodies by drinking soft drinks, flavored fruit juices and sugary drinks.  When I talk about water, I am referring to pure unadulterated fresh water.  This does not mean water in fruit flavored drinks, coffee, tea and so on and so forth.

The body needs water to function and it needs it for every cellular process that happens throughout our day.  Our muscles need it to move us through our day.  Our body organs need it to process what we eat and eliminate each day.  Our brains, nervous system, and cardiovascular system need water to help us function at peak efficiency.  Without adequate water, we place undue stress upon our body, that we then need to release on down the road.  Remember from yesterday's post, the more stress we build up, the more we end up needing to release.

Your body will function so much better when you adequately hydrate it and common food stuffs that are healthy for you will taste so much better.  In return, your body will be much healthier and the flu and cold season will have less impact upon your life.  It is a combination of water, nutrition, mind body healing and other factors that will get you to the optimum health for your body.  This is not just a new age mumble jumble thought.  It is backed up by the medical establishment and science.  So, do something good for your body and start paying attention to the nutrition you consume each day.  Don't forget to start drinking water as if there is no tomorrow!  Your body will love you for it!

Come back tomorrow for the last post in this series when we talk about Flu And Cold Season And Rest.

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