Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Answers To Life

The Answers To Life - Super Soul Sunday
I was watching an episode on OWN with Oprah and Super Soul Sunday (Next Generation Spiritual Seekers on 11/18/12) where they were talking about spirituality and awakening to our divine purpose in life.  One of the things that struck me the most because I so strongly believe this as well, is the guests on her show, stated that the answers to life are within us.  You won't find the answers in the outside world.  While I have come to know this as truth, there is a significant number of humans that do not see this.

While I fully believe that there are people around us to help us find the answers to life, they are not there to give us the answers.  Anyone you seek out that does this, is leading you down a path that is not probably the best for your life.  If they help you to help yourself in discovering the answers, then you are on the right path.

No one in this world, knows what is best for you.  They have not walked in your footsteps and they are not able to see in its entirety, your life's path.  You are your own person and you own your own experiences.  No one on this planet can fully understand what makes you live and breathe and function in the way that you do.

All too often, we are too afraid of going within ourselves and finding the answers we need.  There are many times, that the life and body we inhabit have become too scary and frightening.  We have disconnected our self from who we truly are and so we are living in a body that has become a stranger to our self.  Pain, heartache and loss cloud our days of judgement, rather than waking us up to what we are here on this planet to learn.

It is when we embrace all that we have been given in life, that we begin to find the answers to life.  The more we fight our own growth and expedition through life, the more we keep ourselves locked into the things we desire the least.

We are much more than we think we are.  We have much more capacity than we realize.  Let us start living each breath as if we are so full of life, that we will see the answers we seek are right before our eyes.  It isn't just about the arrival to a place in life we strive for, as much as it is about learning from the process that unfolds. Take a moment today to stop and find the answers to life that you need.  They are right there before your eyes.

For further reading, check out Answers Within Us, page 160 in Hope And Possibility Through Trauma by Don Shetterly.

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