Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Your Issues Don't Belong To Me

Your Issues Don't Belong To Me
I’m an extremely sensitive. I pick up so much in others and people all around me including plants, buildings, the collective consciousness and energy of the world, etc. I pick it up and I do it in a very intense way. It doesn’t shut off unless I put up walls and hide myself from the world.

So what I’m learning is to identify what issues are my stuff and what issues don’t belong to me. If I feel triggered by them, I’m starting to look at them and see what it is that I need to learn in my life or what opportunity is being presented to me. Triggers aren't fun, but if we allow them the opportunity, they can teach us great things about our life.

I’m just trying not to take all these things that I pick up on and hold them in my mind, body, and spirit or in my energy field. I’m recognizing them for who owns them and giving them back to whoever they belong to. I'm learning to release and let them go, rather than holding them as tight and endearing as a teddy bear. It isn’t always easy but as a wise healer told me recently – if you can do it 51% of the time – you’re on the right path and if you can do it 100% of the time – write the book to teach everyone else.

Over the years, I have had people tell me to surround myself in white light or put up a veil over me, among many other things. None of these things resonate with me and to be very honest, they don't work. In fact, they are generally nothing more than fear based practices. I realize not all will agree with me because it is such a standard practice, but when I attempt to do these things or think about them, it is like the pure consciousness within me rejects it wholeheartedly. Yes, these practices resonate with my ego and fear based center, but not with the light and love I hold within myself.

If you work at keeping yourself disconnected from someone you are working with, how can you truly connect with them? How can you truly be there for them? Yes, we will connect with others and find we are triggered or we resonate with their issues, but then it is up to us to do the necessary work to help further heal our life. It is up to us to release and let go.

Again though, if you look at what I'm learning of recognizing that not everything I resonate is my stuff, it helps immensely. Knowing that you do not have to take everyone's issues on yourself, and that you can give back what doesn't belong to you but give it to the rightful owner, it is empowering. In the end, your issues don't belong to me and my issues don't belong to you. When we embrace that, we embrace the divine within us, lifting us to freedom and helping each other grow in awareness and consciousness.

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  1. This was great. I'm sensitive too and this gave me a perspective to work on.






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