Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Recurring Dreams With Themes

Recurring Dreams With ThemesThe past couple of nights I have been going very deep in my sleep.  I am having dreams that are so vivid that I can remember well into the next day.  Normally when I dream, if I don't write it down upon waking up, I forget it.  This is not the case with this dream.

Not long ago, I had some very intense healing work and it was abundantly clear that my life was shifting rapidly and so was my energy.  Things have begun to really change for me and I am no longer in the despair mode I was a few months ago.  As I continue to clear the energy blocks in my life, more and more is coming into view.

In fact, I've been reminded twice lately (almost word for word) that our focus of life should be upon service to others.  I saw a quote about this not long ago and then last night in my reading, it said the same thing.  It is like someone is trying to get a message to me and I'm hearing it loud and clear.

Right now, I am shifting my focus to how can I best use what was given to me in order to serve the world.  There are many hurdles in the way it seems and so I am trying to give all these things up to the universe and the angels.  As I recall my dreams though, I can see just how these things are working in the universe to bring this about in my life.  After all, it isn't about "me", as much as it is about how I do what I came here on this planet to do.

The dreams involved me looking for space to do my healing body work called Somatosync.  In one dream, I was visiting with some type female figure (maybe an angel or spirit guide) as we wandered among various cabin type facilities for rent, lease or purchase.  This was nestled amongst some tall trees and a forest type area full of hills.  At the low end of the hills, I could look down and see a sea or ocean type body of water.  It was so peaceful and of course my dream stopped here because I was woke up by the phone.

Another dream last night was of me in a university type situation where I was going to school.  I had a roommate that I don't recognize but he seemed very supportive.  Again it could have been an angel or a spirit guide, but I'm not sure on that.  I was getting impatient with my current course of study (or maybe my current life) and so I was going to leave and go back home.  However, I knew my parents would be upset with me and I had no place to live.  Just as we were getting ready to pack up and leave, some lady came in with a presentation for me to see.  I thought it was rather rude and intrusive, but I decided to hear her out because I had no idea what she was going to share with me.  So she took me to some commercial places for rent, lease, or purchase that I could use for my bodywork that I wanted to start doing.  Some of the places were around children and some were around a lot of busy people coming and going.  There were rooms that were secluded and some that were with windows on all four sides.

Both dreams were so vivid and I can completely see the images in my mind of what I saw in the dreams even hours and days later.  In the first dream, the trees and hills and water would be very important elements of what I am looking for in a space.  I love being right in nature and all my favorite parts of nature were there.  The second dream with being close to a university setting is also one of my desires because I love the vibrant feel of people searching for knowledge.

I have no idea where these dreams are taking me at the moment, but I feel like they were more than a dream.  I feel as if they were helping prepare me to find the right location for what is coming soon.  Along with other things happening, they feel very significant to my life and so I will stay open to whatever comes along in my day.  I am recording this as a means of having a written record of what has transpired.  I am recording this today on November 25, 2012 with the dreams occurring on the night of November 20 and November 24.

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