Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Morning Bells - Christmas Piano Songs

Christmas Morning Bells - Christmas Piano Songs
This is the 14th track on my CD.   The CD is titled, Christmas Piano Songs and is a collection of Christmas music that I have enjoyed since I was a child.  All of the music on this CD is instrumental piano music with no vocal.  These songs were ones that I often performed in church or for different caroling events that we did such as nursing homes.

Christmas Morning Bells is a piano piece that I created out of my love for waking up on Christmas Day.  I so remember when I was a kid, the joy of waking up early (or trying to stay asleep through the night) and seeing the gifts that Santa Claus had left under the Christmas Tree. 

For us, the gifts were not plentiful, but my mom always managed to make it into a special holiday.  For weeks leading up to Christmas morning, I would live in anxiety and anticipation.  I am still mesmerized by the lights and beautifully wrapped presents under the Christmas tree.  I don't think I will ever get too old for this in my life.

This piano piece tries to capture that joy and innocence of being a kid and celebrating the morning of waking up to see what was under the tree.  It is a celebration of all that is good and peaceful in our life and the true meaning of Christmas throughout the world.  There are no words to this song as the emotion and feeling is all captured in each note.  Enjoy the song and Merry Christmas to you and your family on this special day.

Hopefully you will enjoy my version of these songs on the piano.  These songs are great for having on hand during Christmas parties or even as you unwrap your gifts at Christmas.  I realize the stores overplay Christmas music, but to me, this CD is something special an unique.  I hope you do check it out!

You can also download a free pdf of many Christmas Carols that I have put together.  I did this so if you are looking for something that is already formatted on a page, it is ready to print and distribute to your Christmas Carolers.  It always seemed like no one could find the lyrics to many of these songs, so I tried to help by putting this free pdf together.  To download this pdf, just go to www.christmaspianosongs.com

Listen or purchase Christmas Piano Songs on Amazon or iTunes.

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