Monday, April 9, 2012

Healing My Headache and Shoulder Pain

Healing My Headache
And Shoulder Pain
The other night while trying to sleep, I was awakened in the early morning hours.  In the front, left part of my head, a headache began raging.  It felt like it was a surface layer headache.  The pain got so intense that it really frightened me.  At first, my mind started to fear a stroke or some serious situation because of the intensity.  I find it amazing just how my brain heads to the worst case scenario of the biggest fear the moment something happens.

As I laid in bed, I tried to position myself on one side to the other, hoping that the pain would lessen.  I was still somewhat asleep so while I could experience the pain, I felt like I was out in la la land.  My entire logic ability was not functioning at this point.  The fears were growing and no matter what I tried to do, the pain was not going to lessen.

My shoulders and neck were aching with a deep intensity as they felt rigid to any movement I tried to make.  No matter what, no sleep position seemed to alleviate my discomfort in my shoulders.  It only seemed to reinforce the pain.

I got up and went into the bathroom to see if maybe walking and stretching would help.  As I observed myself in the mirror, I noticed just how rigid and swollen my neck appeared.  It was as if someone stuck a garden hose in my neck and filled it full of rigid water.  It looked twice my size.  Of course that only added to the fears that were trying to roar loudly.

Knowing what I do about the body and movement, I started to focus on the smallest and slightest movements in my body between my head and shoulder.  Keeping my mind and my breathing connected to everything I was doing, I began to rotate my arm opposite the direction I would move my head.  After doing this on one side, I would then switch to the other side.  I'm sure just about any movement at this point would have yielded the same result, but I know this one has worked for me in the past.

It did not take long for the pain in my head to start easing and my shoulder pain to begin subsiding.  I could feel my body starting to drop into itself, rather than fighting the fears that were appearing.  I could notice my breathing begin to slow down from the rapid and shallow pattern up to this point.  As I continued this for a few moments, I felt my body begin to relax.  I decided at that point to go back to bed because my eyes were getting heavy.

Once in bed, I felt more calm and my body easily and quickly drifted back off to sleep.  The pain was minimal at that point, but I could feel a greater sense of calmness in my body.  I quickly fell asleep for the rest of the night and felt much better when I awoke the next morning.

I have no idea at this point what was behind the scenario that played out in the early morning hours.  I know I was asleep when it started as I was rudely awakened out of my sleep by the pain.  One could be quick to say that I was sleeping wrong, but I have learned enough to realize that this is a weak excuse at best.  Generally, something in the body is finding its way into the conscious mind.  If you add enough fear to it, the effect will be multiplied many times over.

By connecting my mind and body together with my breath and focused movement, I was able to heal my headache and shoulder pain.  At one time, I would have thought this possibility to be ridiculous, but time and time again, I see just how much power I have within myself.  Healing my aches, pains and discomforts is beginning to be the norm now, instead of the exception.  We all have this power within our self and we can tap into it at any time, if we allow ourselves to go into the fear, rather than be a slave to the fear, we can truly find our inner power.  (Read more about embracing the pain by clicking this link.)

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  1. This is so true, Don. I frequently have neck and shoulder pan (and back pain for that matter) when I get stressed or irritated or nervous about something - even if I'm not consciously aware of it at the time. And the worst part is, until I resolve the issue inside, the pain just refused to go away...






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