Friday, April 27, 2012

Trauma Proofing Your Kids

This is an excellent video of an interview with Peter Levine.  He is the author of the book, Waking The Tiger which is a very good resource for humans.  I have come to learn first hand the concepts in his book as being very real for my own life and my own healing.

This video on YouTube was an interview of Peter Levine on helping kids process trauma.  In all reality, it isn't just for kids, but that must have been the focus of this interview.  While it is a short interview, there are some very good truths in it that everyone needs to hear.

Some of the highlights from the video include:

  • Bad things happen.  Stress is out there every where, every day.
  • Important thing is that we don't get stuck with it, but that we move through it.
  • We all need to first train ourselves and kids need parents to help calm themselves.
  • When something happens
    • Take a moment to pause and a breath
    • Feel the sensations going on in your body
    • Fear is something that physically happens in the body like a knot in the gut or a pounding heart, but it is a physical reaction.
  • When we experience threats or danger, our body mobilizes energy for action.
    • If that action is not allowed to exit or find an appropriate reaction, it gets stuck in our body
    • When we stay with the sensations and recognize/honor the fears, our body opens up, and the energy dissipates.

To view the YouTube video, click this link.

To read Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine, click this link.

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