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Wake Up Documentary And My Experiences

Wake Up - The Film
Jonas Elrod
A new documentary hitting the TV was on the OWN network recently.  Oprah interviewed the creator of the film, Jonas Elrod, about his experiences before allowing everyone to view the film on the Super Soul Sunday program.  This is a real life documentary of Jonas Elrod regarding an experience that happened to him and still continues to this day.  While I'm sure there are many that would look at this film with complete skepticism, I would urge everyone to keep an open mind and see what you can learn.

There are things out there that exist and take place which we may not be able to see at this point in our life or in our day.  We often live in our own little world, oblivious to what is around us.  Sometimes our awareness and consciousness is so limited that it could be contained in a small storage jar.  Just because we cannot see something or we don't think it exists, gives no credible evidence that we are correct.

In this movie, Wake Up, Jonas Elrod recounts and shows his experience of going from an every day person to one seeing auras, shapes, demonic type things, angels, spirits, etc.  Jonas was not a spiritual and religious person, but just a regular guy working in a regular job trying to make his way in life.  To view more information about the movie, click this link.

The movie really resonates with me because I've had similar experiences.  It is important to note, that I do not get the full detail like Jonas does, but I have seen and sensed some of these things in dramatic ways.  I'm sure if I saw all of these things at once, I'd probably freak out and hide, much like Jonas most likely wanted to do.

Lately, I've seen sparks and flashes of bright light in the day and at night.  I've had times where I woke up in the middle of the night and thought I was dreaming, but I've seen the house surrounded in such a bright light that it seemed all too surreal.  At times I see stuff moving around me in the house.  There have even been times I have noticed some type of an image sitting behind me in the car when I'm driving.

I do constantly feel like I am completely surrounded by angels.  I feel very protected.  At no time, does any of these things feel like they are a bad energy to me.  I am not afraid of them in any way.  It just feels normal and natural to me, but then I've had many real experiences with angels in my life.

There are times when I hear music playing, only to realize that there is no nearby source.  Sometimes the music is so beautiful and very well defined.  Other times, it is much harder to hear and make out.  I have definitely come to realize that even in silent moments, there are sounds that we can hear from some other dimension.  My hearing is very good and often I can pick up sounds that others cannot.

After one of my last bodywork sessions I received, there was an enormous amount of heat that I felt for some time.  In fact, others around me could feel this heat coming from me in general and from my hands.  It was the most intense I have ever felt.  I know there is energetic heat from the body and some may refer to this as heat you would an experience in Reiki.  However, this is much more intense than these concepts.   I actually had to request from the universe and the angels to decrease the intensity because it was beginning to interfere with what I needed to accomplish in my day.

I often just sense and feel many things going on around me or like I just know things that others do not.  Sometimes I get sense along with a story of what someone is saying that guides me to see things differently.  There have been many times I have found myself doing or saying things and wondering where I get the knowledge of the situation.  I have seen events before they played out, not knowing at the time what I was truly seeing as in the 9/11 event, my college I went to and my mother's tragic death.  It is not like I can sit down and force these things to come to me.  If they are going to come into my awareness, they just happen.

Normally I don't talk about this stuff too much because I don’t want anyone to think I’m crazy – which is what the maker of this documentary said as well. I struggle to share it with others and I'm taking a big step and chance on this blog by writing this for the whole world to see.  I feel empowered to share it after seeing this documentary film, because if Jonas Elrod can share his experiences, than why can't I?

I'm not asking anyone to agree or disagree with me on any of this, much like the film stated.  All I am doing, is putting out in the world, what I pick up and what I sense, feel, hear and know.  These things are a part of me and at first, I did get totally freaked out by them.  Now I am learning to accept it and be more aware of all of it, as I question and ask what its role is for me in my life.  I don't fully understand it, but I know in time, it will become more clear.  It is a matter of growth and conscious evolution for my life, rather than some moment of woo woo.

Please do try to check out the film.  To learn more about this documentary, you can check out the website by clicking this link.

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