Thursday, April 19, 2012

Applying Heat To Our Lives

Earthbox Watering System
Applying Heat To Our Lives
One of the things I love to do is garden with the earthbox.  The other day I was setting up the automatic watering system as the plants are using a lot of water.  As I was working on setting this up, I was thinking about how this applies to life.  It is like a metaphor for difficulties in life

The automatic watering system has no moving parts, but one of the critical parts you must do when you install it is to heat the ends of the plastic tube up before inserting it on to the various junction pieces and transfer lines.  If you just push one end together with another, it may look like everything is fine, but it won't be long that it will come apart.  The hot summer heat of the sun will make it expand and the next thing you know, your connections will come undone.

In life, we sometimes have heat applied to our days.  In difficult moments, it feels like we have been put through the heat of everything possible.  We struggle to push our life together and keep our self going forward.  Some days it is all we can do to deal with the difficulties of life.

Much like the watering system that requires heated ends to securely bond together, our life sometimes requires heat to mold us into the person we are meant to be.  The more we understand who we are and what our purpose is, the more functional we are.  Without the heat of the difficulties in life, we may just be like a useless role of tubing sitting on the ground with no purpose.  As a piece of tubing, we may be hoping that we could water the plants, but without the heat, we would never see our purpose.

If you are in a difficult time in life, keep in mind that these are moments that give you the ability to grow as an individual and become all that you can be.  Yes, they are difficult and sometimes it is all you can do to keep going, but just know that there will be brighter days ahead.  Once you realize why the heat is being applied in life, you will begin to water the plants.

To read more about how plants are a model to us, click this link.

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