Thursday, October 25, 2018

What Is Wrong With People?

by Don Shetterly
Lately, it feels like everyone is at odds with one another.  Everyone wants to preach love and acceptance and positivity.  Everyone wants the feel-good stuff, but then they turn around and do just the opposite.

What's wrong with people?

It seems like everywhere I turn, people are angry and frustrated and often downright mean.  The love they say they have for others disappears when you interact with them.  The acceptance is anything but that when you connect with them.

Sure, maybe there is plenty of reason to be angry and frustrated, but we don't have to be hateful to one another.

People just want to spew their hatred all day long.  They don't care how it damages anyone in the wake left behind.  In fact, they don't even realize they are doing it, but they are quick to point out what others do wrong.

Hopefully, I'm not the one that is being blind here, but I do try hard not to propagate frustration and anger or stress on to others.  It serves no one any good if I do that.

I grew up in a home where people took their anger out on others, and it got quite old.  It was often explained to me that we hurt the ones we love the most.  How twisted is that thought?  There's no need to hurt anyone.

We look at others as if they are the problem and until they change, we are going to tell them what they should do, how they should act, and what they should believe.  It is sickening.

The best thing anyone can do is work on how they present themselves to the world.  Don't wait for others to change because you will be waiting a lifetime.  Instead, work on changing yourself.  Spread love to others and do it authentically.

Don't spread the horrible stuff on social media that only incites further hatred towards one another.  Don't jump on the bandwagon screaming with the other people that think adding screaming to an already noisy world is going to help.  Instead, take a hard inventory of what you display and what is in your heart.

If we continue to look at what's wrong with people, we're missing the log in our own eye.  We have not understood our role in this even if we want to puff our chests up and act as if we're perfect.

We are reaching toxic levels of humanity where it will begin eating into the physical health of our world.  We cannot sustain the actions of what we do to one another because it takes us so far away from being human.

Before you spew that hatred and share that social media post lambasting a fellow human - take a deep breath, take a drink of water and then collect your thoughts.  Most likely by the time you go back to it, your rational mind will see things differently.

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