Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why Do We Harm Others?

Do harm to one another.  Isn't that what we are all about in this country and throughout this world?  Do harm to each other.  If you're reading this and wondering, what marbles are floating around loose in my mind, consider the truth of how we treat others in our life.  Okay, I realize not everyone is like this, but there is a majority in this country and this world that seem to harm one another, rather than respecting others.

Every day that I see news headlines, I'm reminded of just how selfish, mean, and harmful we are to each other.  We treat others as if they are less than us, not really mattering to the existence of life.  In fact, it shows we value the life of fellow humans in such a way, that our culture is taking major hits each and ever day.

It has been stated that we as humans are 99.9% alike biologically and only .1% different.  Yet, we go through our days acting as if we are so different.  We focus on the color of skin, the different beliefs, political ideology, different thoughts, and status of our living conditions as the barometers in what it means to be human.  Isn't it sad, that our existence in life boils down to how every other human is so different from us, when in fact they are not.

I believe the reason for not embracing and respecting one another comes down to the simple fact of not accepting our self.  We look deep inside and we feel stressed and miserable.  We wander around in life as if we have no purpose or meaning.  We crave for others to love us, and we do everything from changing our cosmetic appearance, to being obligated to everyone and everything in this world.  We go through our days, not knowing what it is that really matters and we seek answers from every place, except that which is within us.

Through  our shortcomings, and the strife of life that we bury inside, we over compensate in life or we look at others in a way that is less than human.  We lash out at the world around us, either directly or indirectly.  We go through our days hoping that each day will be a moment when we win mega millions from the lottery.

It all boils down to how much we can be with our self.  If we are hurting inside and miserable and wandering through life lost and confused, we can't expect to be there with fellow humans in a peaceful, unselfish, and pure manner.  The things within us are what we offer to the outside world, whether we want to consciously connect with this or not.  If we come from a place of torment, everyone around us will feel torment.  If we come from a place of peace, the world will feel peace.

The more we can return to the source of who we are and the more we can wake up each morning excited to be in our body, the more we will be helping find peace in our world.  It isn't about being perfect or happy or any other concept that feels good.  It is all about how far we have traveled deep within our mind and body where we have released and let go of harmful experiences in our life.  It is the depth of our healing and our getting to know our source energy of who we are.

We are more than a biological mind and body.  We are more than a series of cells.  We are evolving creatures embarked on a journey of consciousness that will give us our essence of being human.  When we become human, it is then that our life changes from do harm to others, to do no harm.

To read more about what we do unto others, click this link.

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  1. Another great post, Don. I think you hit on a critical point - if we're unhappy with ourselves or our own lives, many of us focus in on the obvious differences or shortcoming of others because it gives us a feeling of superiority or self-worth to do so. If we can focus on other people's problems or differences, then somehow our problems seem less significant and we feel more "normalized". Sad. But true.






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