Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Brene Brown On Vulnerability And Numbing Emotions

Brene Brown On Vulnerability
TED Conference
I really enjoyed this video of a speech given by Brene Brown.  The topic was on vulnerability and numbing our emotions.  It was given at a recent TED Conference.  Click this link to view the video.

Vulnerability is difficult for a lot of people because to be seen as vulnerable in our society, that means we are somehow weak.  To be weak means a shark will probably swallow you up and treat you as a little fish.  We have to appear strong in our society so someone doesn't take us on, run us over, or obliterate our life.  We see vulnerability as a bad things when it comes to the media and especially in politics.

The sad part is that when we take vulnerability away, we are essentially numbing our emotions.  The more we numb our emotions, the more we lose site of what it means to be human.  Emotions are a good thing for being human, but unfortunately in our world, we treat this as a disease or something wrong with a person.

I hope that we wake up one day soon to embracing emotions and vulnerability.  I try to share my own vulnerability on this blog and sometimes I get emails that make me cringe.  However, I know that if I open up and share the journey of my own life, that others will hopefully learn and be inspired.

Take some time to view this video of Brene Brown's speech on vulnerability and see how it applies to your life.  It is a must see video.   To view the video, click this link.

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