Saturday, August 21, 2010

Abundance, Blessings And Frustrations

Sometimes in life when things seem so difficult or off balance, try this exercise. It is one that focuses on not only our frustrations in life but on our abundance and blessings. Sometimes, we need both sides of this part of life in order to see the contrast and all that we have. So try this exercise out in your daily meditation and see just what it does for you. See if your day doesn't change from frustration to abundance and blessings.

Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the center of the page. On one side, write the word "frustrations" and on the other side write the words "abundance and blessings". Number from 1 to 10 on each side of the page giving yourself plenty of space to write. (Or you can download the following pdf file, Abundance, Blessings and Frustrations).

In quiet meditation and reflection, begin listing all your current frustrations in life. Often these things can come easily and readily to us especially if we are in the difficult moments of life. After you are done listing these, begin writing down all the ways that you experience abundance and blessings in your life at this moment. If you feel like your stuck at any point, take a moment to stop and allow whatever thoughts to come through that are being blocked.

Once you are finished writing, reflect on the things you have listed on the page. See how these things make you feel. Notice how the frustrations may have given way to thoughts of abundance and blessings. Allow all of these things to sink into your consciousness and awareness. Let your inner heart and mind take it all in. Allow yourself to see that no matter what, life is more than frustration. It is full of abundance and blessings.

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