Saturday, August 28, 2010

Look For Change

Sometimes the slightest change we make in our life can open the doors to a new experience. We all wonder at times in our life how we get from point A to point B. It may seem overwhelming and we may say it is too much.

Through confusion and fear, we hunker down in the despair of the moment. Our day looks dark and we are convinced there is no end in sight. Surely this is not what life is about we tell ourselves. Yet, we fail to see just that one small change or one more step may completely show us a different view.

Have you ever been walking along a trail in the woods? As you take step after step, you may see the terrain change. The view may go from a covered one to something that gives your eyes a totally different lookout point. And all it takes is that one step into the next step, changing where you are on your path.

What about how the view changes as the sun rises in the day. It often changes by the minute. Shadows that were once at a point which cast a certain shape are gone in the next. The thing that changed was going from one minute to the next minute. Each minute went by without notice but together they bought about change from the morning sunrise.

Even when things seem so confusing in life that it doesn't appear there is a way forward, look for a slight change. What is possible and real that you could change in this moment? It doesn't have to be big or great, just one simple change. Maybe it could be as simple as thinking a new thought, repeating a small phrase or allowing your body to feel something new. It could be that for the first time you allow your body to connect with an emotion that you often avoid. It could be deciding that you are going to follow your heart and intuition even if the path ahead was unclear.

As I have said many times before, we all have much more power than we realize. Yes, sometimes life beats us down and convinces us otherwise. We can and we do choose how we think about things for our day. While there are times that we need to find our way through the forest, we don't have to remain there. We will find our way to the other side of the woods.

It all boils down to allowing ourselves the moment to be in life where we need to be. When we do this, we connect with our minds and our bodies to all that is possible for our lives. Being in the moment will lead us to that simple change we long for in life. We need not stress about finding it, as all we need for our lives is located within us.

May we learn to allow that which we seek to come into our life. May we notice it when it shows up. Let us find the courage and strength to be patient for its arrival. At that moment, we will realize that one simple change gave the spark we needed to find what we were looking for in life.

(Above Picture taken by Don Shetterly: Morning Sunrise in the Yard - (c) 08/21/10)

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