Friday, August 27, 2010

Reclaim The Power Of Fear

There are parts on my body that sometimes clamor for attention. Whether it is itching, pain, stiffness or a stomach that does flip flops, I experience all of it. Of course, I have learned that these are messages and if I don't succumb to the fear, they have the ability to be moments of awareness and transformation.

Contrary to what is often taught and expounded upon, fear can be a good thing. Often I hear people say it is the absence of love. I would not equate love and fear together as they are two different emotions. If fear controls your life, than I would agree that it is not necessarily helping you. If you recognize fear, go in and ask what lesson you can learn as a result of it, your life has the possibility of a new moment of consciousness.

So what do fear and our bodies have in common when physical conditions show up? Often when the itching, pain and other situations occur in our body, fear is right there masking the source and importance behind these things. Through the use of drugs, surgery, procedures, tests and thought concepts, we tend to hide from the fear instead of raising our awareness and consciousness. We often do it without realizing that we are actually doing this. It is a silent thief in the night.

The more you can take these moments and harvest an increased awareness in life, the more you evolve as a human. Don't run away from fear no matter how much it may attempt to deceive you. Embrace this part of you through the pain and physical discomforts because at the moment you allow yourself to connect, you have then given yourself the opportunity to reclaim the power of fear.

It is easy in life to make up rules, concepts and processes to frame fear into a perceptible and plausible entity for our life. However, the more we run from fear, the more it controls us. Even if this happens in a subtle way. Let us find the courage to embrace fear rather than hide in our caves. Let us truly understand the power we hold in our grasp. Our power is greater than any illusion that fear may offer.

(Above Picture taken at Green Springs State Park, Enterprise, FL - (c) 05/11/10)

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