Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Archangel Michael

Today in my meditation, I pulled the angel therapy card (Healing With The Angels Oracle Cards) “Archangel Michael” on my iphone app that I have from Doreen Virtue. I figured out that I can do a “shuffle” of the cards on the iphone which I didn’t know I could do. Up until now, I’ve just been sliding them back and forth until I settle on one that just seems to be the appropriate one. Now I can shuffle them in my iphone and select one. Sometimes they just sort of pop out. You can’t see what it is until you actually take your finger and select it. Then the card opens up so you can read it. According to an Angel Therapy Practitioner that I know – when they pop out, they are truly meant to get your attention.

Archangel Michael is pretty powerful and is one of the main angels. So pulling that card today, I was like – wow.. The parts that stood out to me were described as “courage, release from fears and you are safe and secure”. While there is more to these cards then that, I usually see what sort of stands out in my mind because there can be different parts of the same theme on the cards. I follow my intuition.

But what was more important is that I could really feel his presence from the breeze blowing in the trees to the healing light that I was feeling. It felt like a lightness to me and I found myself sort of transported in time to a moment of deep relaxation and meditation. The kind of point where when you open your eyes, you feel like you’ve really gone deep into a place of peace. So I talked to him and shared with him many of my concerns. I got the sense that he listened and showed his love and acceptance upon me. It is of course to hard to find the words to explain how I sensed this but it is without a doubt what I felt. I could sense that healing type of heat as well which is a gentle, loving and welcoming feeling.

The words “safe and secure” kept repeating in my mind’s thoughts.

There has been a very beautiful butterfly that flies around in our backyard. It is a gorgeous yellow one. I saw it the other morning and as I’m writing this, I just saw it again. I’ve tried to get a picture of it but so far, it just flies around.

Oh and one more thing, I believe this is the first time, I’ve personally sensed Archangel Michael around me. Most of the time, I just sense Angels or Raphael but not Archangel Michael.

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  1. Just wanted to say I love Archangel Michael. My son Jeremy RIP chose Michael when he received the sacrament of the Holy Spirit because he wanted a POWERFUL Guardian Angel.
    I have reason to believe Michael was with Jeremy at the time of his passing. In spite of being involved in an horrific motor vehicle accident, he died with a smile on his face.
    That's proof enough for me although there is more.






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