Friday, August 13, 2010

An Ocean Meditation

Sitting at the ocean, watching the waves come in and listening to the sounds is a relaxing and energizing experience. There is something about water that acts as an agent of transformation in our life.

Just picture the sun shining through the deep blue sky. A few clouds appear and others drift in and out. The birds fly by as if they are watching out over the shoreline. A few birds run around on the hot sand hoping to catch a meal that appears.

The breeze blows gently as the roar of the ocean waves making their way in to the shore, crash against the water return to sea. The ripples of water flow over the varying heights of the ocean floor. Patterns of many colors appear one minute and are gone the next as a wave washes them away.

People run and play as the water mesmerizes time. For time, at the ocean never runs out. There is as much of it as there are grains of sand. A plane flies above and a boat sails by but it seems to all if time is of no concern. There is no worry about another day. It is that moment which becomes the joy of life.

The tide goes out showing a part of the ocean floor that is not always seen. It gives way to an enlarged beach as tiny pools of water heat up in the sun. Then, as the tide comes in, the water deepens and the beach seems to shrink as if it is saying goodbye. What appeared before, is now lost in time. It is like it was there but no longer seen in that moment. When it returns another day, its shape and size will be different than the day before.

Feeling, hearing and jumping into the power of the greeting waves, brings the energizing power of time to the shore. As the water rushes back to the ocean, it pulls everything with it at such a force. The strength of the water is something to observe with awe.

Yet, throughout a day at the beach, time stands still. Our worries and concerns dwarf in comparison to the never ending body of water. Our eyes are mesmerized by the sun dancing with the wind on the water. Our bodies, minds, and souls are refreshed, energized and relaxed at the sights and sounds.

For me, there is a spiritual connection. If I have any problems or concerns, I know that the ocean is big enough to carry them away. It brings in what I need and it is happy to take away that which I do not need. It reminds me of a larger force within my word. The ocean gives me a sense of being just one person in a very big world. It helps show me that no matter what I am connected to, something much larger than myself is present.

The ocean is a place of retreat for my body as my mind wrestles with life's difficult moments. it is where time stands still when it is rushing by. It is where I feel renewed in my mind, body and connected to my soul.

There is something to the ocean that is mysterious and inspiring. It is not something that can be explained but must be experienced. The connection is to something greater that just accepts me in the moment while it demands nothing in return. It just allows me to live in that moment with no strings attached.

A day at the ocean is wonderful. My life is filled with renewal, as I offer all my concerns and worry to the waves. I breathe in the energy as I feel the power of the sun. I give thanks as the birds run and play.

For the ocean is my rock, my transformation and the view of so much more. Without it, life would not seem complete. I am thankful for it.

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