Monday, May 3, 2010

Nausea - Symptoms Of Stress, Part 6

This is Part 6 of 9 Part Series - Nausea

Wow, nausea! I so remember this and am moving past a lot of this in my life. One of the quickest things I always noticed when I was under stress was how it affected my stomach. Often I would be nauseated or sometimes actually vomit and there were far too many times when my stomach would seem so jittery.

In fact, most of us often talk about how some situation makes us feel in our stomach. It is a common thing and if there is one connection made between stress and trauma with the body, it is the stomach. However, too many times people attribute it to what they eat or some unknown flu bug that they think they have. Much of the time, stress and trauma play a major role in it. Sometimes a result of stress leads to migraine headaches and one of the results is that people feel nauseated or actually vomit.

According to the article on, 9 Surprising Symptoms Of Stress, nausea is a direct result of worrying, stress and anxiety, according to the author of “Addicted To Stress”. "Stress can upset the stomach, and nausea can be a byproduct of worry," says Mandel.

If your anxiety is causing nausea, try this trick that Mandel swears by: Let tepid water run over your fingers; it's believed to keep nausea at bay.

Of course the more we try to stop these uncomfortable feelings and physical sensations, the more we are adding to them. If we stop and acknowledge them, then work to alleviate what is causing them, our bodies will be much better in the long run and so will our minds. Putting a bandaid over a gushing wound may slow bleeding down, but most likely we will keep bleeding.

Please see my article on vomiting and anger which deals with the stress and trauma as it affects the body. It can be found at: Can Anger Make You Vomit?

Symptoms Of Stress: (9 Part Series)
1. Tweaked and Tense Muscles
2. Eye Twitching
3. Ragged Cuticles
4. Cavities
5. Rashes & Itching
6. Nausea
7. Sleep
8. Forgetfulness
9. Confusion

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