Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cavities - Symptoms Of Stress, Part 4

This is Part 4 of 9 Part Series - Cavities

If you don’t take care of those teeth, than by all means you will have to deal with cavities. However, did you know that stress can be a major cause of cavities, according to an article in . This is something that is very near and dear to my heart.

Early on as a child, I never had a cavity and then later on in life after some triggers that I experienced, brushing my teeth became extremely difficult. So difficult that I stopped doing it and of course years later, I paid horribly for it. To this day, it is a haunting reminder of what stress and trauma can do to the body.

Teeth grinding and TMJ can also be caused by nervousness or stress and trauma. Often people who struggle with teeth grinding don’t even realize they are doing it until they experience pains in their face and mouth. Many times, the teeth grinding takes place at night and can be very painful and horrifying experiences for the people that suffer through it.

Again, take note of your body and listen to it. By paying attention to our body and opening ourselves up to listen, we can gain a vast amount of knowledge and information. Relaxation of all kinds will help in TMJ and teeth grinding but going in and discharging the energy that is stored within the body is essential to recovering from these conditions.

Consider that the more stress you apply to the body, the more basic biological functions are altered. If you take a balloon and fill it with water, notice the shape. Then apply pressure to parts of the balloon and see the effects that it has on it. It could be much more subtle as just shifting the weight of the water filled balloon around and noticing the changes. Much like our body systems, the more stress you apply, the more you change and alter the body. After altering the body for a period of time, the various systems within us may begin to operate differently than they were meant to be. Cavities are one such example of this.

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