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The Foot Rash Of Stress and Emotions

Its easy to ignore many things in life.  Its easy to just sweep stress under the rug.  We all do it, even if we think we're advanced in this area.  As a result, we end up somatizing the stress into physical symptoms.  I know, its easy to speak the new age mumble jumble at times and think we truly understand somaticizing, but wait until the experience becomes real.  Then it tests you to the limits!

After months of many different stressful events, this once again hit home to me in many ways.   I ended up with the return of the rash.  This time the rash was on my feet.  It started out as a minor irritation and itching on the back of my opposite leg.  Then little by little it crept along to my foot and went to my opposite foot.

For the most part, I had it under control or so I thought.  I was using the oatmeal foot baths to help soothe it and I was trying to not wear shoes or socks if I could help it.  Unfortunately too many stressful back to back moments hit me in the period of a few weeks.  I was no longer in control of my life.  The stress of my life was in control.

While I had been doing the things I knew I needed to do in order to get the rash under control, I was adding enormous amounts of stress into the mix.  Most of the things weren't issues I could walk away from.  They were just life events that were happening and I was a part of what was going on.

As I struggled with the frustration of the foot rash, it became increasingly difficult to look at my foot.   The site of it was horrible.  The itching and pain I felt were excruciating and never ending.  Yet, I had to try to operate in life and work through the events that were unfolding before me.

Somaticizing is one of those things that happens to our body.  When we dump stress, abuse, and daily events upon our body, it has to go somewhere.  Most of us think that the daily little stuff isn't a big deal and we ignore it.  However, when that stuff builds up day after day in the body, it will become a big deal at some point in our life.  You can escape it temporarily and ignore it, but at some point, it will deal with you.

Often the stresses show up in physical ways from major health issues to common ordinary illness like flu and colds or even things like rashes.  After all, the stress and daily build up of life's events have to come out somewhere.  They need an exit.  The more they reside within the body, the more they become like a ticking time bomb just waiting for the perfect moment to explode.

Once you're at that point, it isn't just mere mind over matter type of meditation that will get you out of it.  The stuff resides in the body and it has to be released from the body with the mind working in conjunction with it.  Too many turn to drugs and medical procedures and all kinds of far out there procedures which may be needed at that moment, but may not treat the underlying causes.

If we would have listened to our body all along and treated it with respect, maybe we wouldn't need to be in this place.  We're human though and we tend to numb out to life, rather than experience it and wake up to it through consciousness.

So, back to the foot rash.  I almost freaked out as I saw it progress.  I mean it is pretty hard to watch this unfold.  I knew though that at one time in the past, I had been in this same place and I knew I could get through it.  I threw my life into high gear to start releasing this from the body.  As I did this, I began to see slight changes.  It took some time and didn't happen all at once.

At one point, my foot was swollen so badly that I could barely get my shoe on.  It was literally twice the size of my other foot.  At one point the pain I felt in my foot was so horrendous that I literally had to shove it in a bucket of ice water to dull the pain.  No, I don't take pain pills.  I find more healthy ways of dealing with pain.  That's just the way I am.

Then in the midst of the worst of it, I learned about the ASAP Silver Gel product that helped kick in the healing for me.  This product worked wonders and helped boost what I was already doing.  I normally don't like "products" and I normally will not promote most products, but this one was a life saver for me.  It immediately gave me soothing relief from the pain and itching and I could tell by the first day of application, how much it was helping heal the rash.  There is even a colloidal soap that has helped so much.

As the physical rash was healing, I was working on my emotional and mental side and releasing from the body all that I had been through.  It was an overload of events that had transpired.  One event in itself would not have been overwhelming, but the frequency and number that happened left me with no escape.

I scheduled extra sessions with Dr. Paul Canali and another healer that I trust.  With each visit, I would notice a remarkable improvement, but even with that, it still took time for me to heal this condition.  It did not happen all at once, but the more I let go and released from deep within me, the more things improved.  

If I would have just focused on the physical rash on my foot, I would not have healed as quickly.  I knew from experience that if I tried to buy over-the-counter creams and ointments, they would only make things worse.  I had to go to the source and stop the numbing in life that I was using to cope with all that had happened.  As overwhelming as it was, I had to feel and release all the emotions that were churning inside of me.

It was another life lesson that I was taught again.  This time, unlike the last, I knew I had more control over it.  I knew that I could interact with my own biology and find healing, not just apply a band-aid to a wound.  We are much more powerful in our own healing then 99.9% of us want to believe.  We like to talk the talk, but more often than not, we don't walk the talk.

If you looked at my foot today, you would not know that I had gone through this.  It looks pretty much  normal.  While most of the painful experience is slowly eroding from my memory, I realize that the pain and horror of this was almost too much for me to bear not long ago.

Even with what I've healed from previously, I still began to doubt and lose faith and hope that this could heal.  Fortunately, I have the right people in my life to help me walk through the fires of life and support me in ways that are good for my overall health and healing and moving forward in life.

It is far too easy to want to mask what is happening in our bodies, but I know deep down that true healing comes when we find the courage as we walk hand-in-hand with those that are there for us, cheering us on and holding us up when we feel like we can go no further.  True healing comes from within us, deep down in the recesses of our mind and body and spirit.  When we touch these places through all the pain, it is then that we have touched the essence of our life.

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