Thursday, February 12, 2015

Stress Upon The Physical Body

We all deal with stress in different ways.  Well, maybe I should say that humans tend not to deal with stress upon the physical body.  We tend to ignore it, shove it away, act as if it isn't there or numb out to it.  We as a human species are quite good at this.

Stress though causes great harm to the physical body over time.  As I learned in biology class in high school, some stress is good for the body, but too much of anything is not good.  We all know that of course, but it often escapes our consciousness.  We get busy in our day and we hardly ever think about stress.

One moment of stress in itself is not necessarily life threatening or damaging to our body.  The daily build up of stress is what begins to alter our biology and physical body.  It becomes like stacking one oppressive weight upon another.

Some of us feel stress upon the physical body through headaches, stomach and digestive problems, and illness.  Many of us (like myself) feel it in pain in the body from sore backs, stiff necks, and various other body pain and stiffness.

Often the stress of the day connects one neural pathway with another and while they may seem unrelated to our brain in that moment, it doesn't take much to fire those synapses.  Once those synapses are in overtime production, many different chemical reactions and responses take place in our body.

It is sad in many ways that we as a human species are not taught these basic concepts.  They begin very early on when we are just born and continue through our adult life.  No parent plans on teaching how not to deal with stress, but all too many people aren't aware of what they were taught.  These are unconscious patterns that get carried down from one generation to another. 

Stress is a killer.  We all know that.  However, we fail to really understand and recognize this.  We think that a brief moment of thinking about something peaceful or going out for a drink is what we need to get rid of stress.  Unfortunately, just a thought or numbing practice doesn't do as much as we lead ourselves to believe.

It takes a conscious effort to allow the stress to rise to the surface of our consciousness and be able to release it and let it go.  It is like training for a marathon, the more your practice the deep release work in the body, the more it creates the necessary neural pathways of health.

It is a conscious effort to learn how to let go of stress upon the physical body.  Stress is everywhere and it affects each and every one of us.  However, we don't have to let it control our life.

If we all learn how to interact with our own biology, it is then that not only can we let go of stress, but we become one in harmony with our own physical body.  Once we learn how to interact with our mind and body, it is then that we begin to discover freedom and peace.  The more we are able to interact with our own biology, the more capacity we have within our nervous system to confront the challenges of life.

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