Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Everyone Knows How To Get Over A Cold or Flu

Over the past couple of days I've been sick.  Normally I don't get sick.  I think the last time was several years ago.  If I get feeling under the weather, I'm usually up and going by the next day.  Of course I do many things to keep myself healthy.

In this scenario, I was probably weakened by the nonstop work I had to put in during December and being on the phone almost nonstop.  It was a stressful month especially with other events that transpired.  I knew my body was screaming for me to let up, but there was no way to do this.

I'm not surprised I got sick.  You can't push a body this hard and expect anything different.  Yes, we do our Whole Food Smoothies every day and I do a lot of releasing bodywork and other healthy mind balance things, but in the face of overwhelming nonstop stress, the body reacts.  Its just the way our minds and bodies work.

Unfortunately, the minute people began finding out, there were all kinds of "home remedies" of how to get over a cold or flu.  Some of them make my eyes roll a little and some make me do major eye rolls.  There is no science behind this stuff other than the placebo effect.  I'm not here to debate ideas on how to heal a cold as I am trying to raise the awareness and consciousness of healing the body.

We all have an immune system that works to take care of us, but again if we suppress it and alter it through constant daily stress, it won't be there for us when we truly need it.  I believe that sometimes we need an adjustment to it and one way to do that is introduce something such as a cold or flu to kick it up a notch.

Home remedies and cure-alls may make you feel good and lead you to believe that you're doing something, but often we just need to hydrate our bodies, get plenty of rest and sleep, and give ourselves some time to get better.  Of course, I need to say here, "I'm not a Doctor and so I'm not giving you medical advice.  I'm only telling you what I've done in my own life."

I realize to that if we see someone sick, we instantly want to make it better for them.  In all reality though, offering up home remedies may not do anymore for them, than give them a false sense of hope.  They may take the person away from the inner knowing of just how much the mind and body can heal itself.  It is a concept we've lost in this world that you can actually influence your own mind and body healing in serious ways.

I think we need to be smarter about the remedies that we put our complete faith and trust in.  We follow to much blindly whether it is modern day medicine or alternative health practices or religious institutions.  If these home remedies worked as well as they are believed to work, we wouldn't have flu and cold like we do.  Unfortunately, you can't replicate these practices from one person to another with guaranteed success.  Therein lies the problem.

If you do the inner work and then learn to truly take care of your body, flu and colds becomes an abnormal event, rather than something that you deal with consistently because everyone else does.  No, I don't take flu shots, because my flu shots come in the form of daily Whole Food Smoothies and all the inner releasing work that I continually do.  If I could just manage my stress load better, I'd be home free - possibly.

Let's challenge ourselves to not just accept or prescribe home remedies.  There is far too much of that these days.  Everyone tries to be a medical doctor or healer, yet few really understand the body.  Too many medical professionals and healers try to heal, but fail to understand the body.  Let's challenge ourselves to go beyond our current paradigms and truly learn what healing is for colds and flu.

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