Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hello, Anyone Home?

In this day and age of social media, we are losing our communication ability.   We barely communicate, except to post a nice little happy thing or a protest or something that 50 million have already shared.  I keep wondering, is anyone home?  Hello, anyone home?

I know, I know - we are all busy these days.  We've got a million things to do and so a quick tweet or Facebook post is all we've got.  What bugs me the most though is the impersonal nature of online social media.  It isn't like we are really sharing anything most of the time.  We are just sending mind numbing stuff to our friends list over and over.  It used to just happen in forwarded emails.

Yes, some of this is good, but after awhile, it becomes so over-saturated, that it loses all flavor.  It becomes just another post in the noise of life, really not adding as much as most people think.  When I get 60 to 80 phone calls a day and more email than I can read, I really see firsthand just how much noise there is on the internet.

I so miss that personal communication that we used to do in the old days.  A letter or a card in the mailbox.  Maybe even a phone call to catch up with a person.  It was something that said, "I care about you and I'm thinking of you."  It wasn't hello, anyone home?

You can tweet the full breadth of your person touch and connection to someone.  140 characters doesn't do it.  A pretty picture on Facebook with flowery words doesn't do it.  A like or a share doesn't do it.  Its like knocking on the door and saying "hello, anyone home?" and then running away quickly before they open the door.

When is the last time you dropped a handwritten note to someone or put a birthday card in the mail?  When is the last time you called up someone and chatted on the phone?  When is the last time you stopped by a friend's house for a quick hello?

I believe the more we lose our communication between one another, the less we are human.  In this day and age of protests and ranting and screaming, we need to become more human to one another.  We need to sit with one another and communicate, not ignore each other and hide in silence.

The computer and social media is a great thing for this world, but if we lose our humanness in the process, then we will have let it destroy our lives.  It takes work to communicate.   We were given a mouth, a heart, and a brain for a reason.  Let us not waste them as if they don't matter.

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  1. Thank you Don, and so very true. Everything you said is so very true. Humanity is losing a lot of its character. We can all create a new life for our own self, make time to call, visit a friend, have a cup of tea together, and just forget the stressors of life. blessings,






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