Thursday, February 5, 2015

I Want To Take Away Your Pain

I see too many people with what seems to be a good endeavor, but in all reality, I believe they are hurting the person, more than they are helping them.  When your goal is to take away the pain of another person, I think you are limiting all that they may learn from life's experiences.

Yes, I realize that it isn't easy to watch someone in pain and our human nature wants to see people out of pain.  I'm no different.  I can't stand to see people hurt.  However, if I approach another person with pity and that I need to remove this horrible thing from their life, I'm missing the bigger picture.

If instead of taking away someone's pain, your goal is to help them discover the source of the pain, they will find a greater sense of healing and purpose in life.  Instead of taking away the pain, the realization and travel into it will yield far greater results.

I've had plenty of pain in my life and for a long time, I just wanted to avoid it.  I wanted it to go away.  I wanted it gone from my body.  It took me a long time to realize that the pain was a message the body was sending me.  It was a message my mind was sending me.  If I would have only focused on getting rid of the pain, I would have missed the greater truth that was attempting to get my attention.

Pain isn't easy and the more we hide from it, the more we numb our bodies.  We end up going through life looking for cures or medicines or thoughts that help us escape.  Unfortunately in the end, we are only masking the pain, not getting rid of it.

I see too many healers and new age practitioners that work to rid people of pain.  They may feel they are doing something good for another person, but the best thing you can do is help the person go into the pain.  The more someone feels the pain, the more they have the chance of reclaiming the stored energy within that moment.

Once the pain is brought to the present moment of healing, you are then able to find freedom and peace.  Once you have unlocked the pain and everything that goes with it, you are now making lasting changes within the physical body that will last a life time.

The more you go into the pain and reclaim it, the stronger you are for the next storm or difficulty you may face in life. It is like an athlete preparing for a major race.  The more you exercise and build yourself up, the stronger you will be.

The idea of taking away someone's pain is often more about our own issues that connect with the other person, rather than with what they are going through.  We identify readily with what they are experiencing and if we're not careful, we confuse the pain of someone else with that of our own.

I'm not promoting the concept of never helping anyone, but I am putting forth the concept of how we help others.  When we focus on walking through the fire or the moment of difficulty with another without any judgment, it is then that we truly help them find freedom in their own life.  .

We don't have the power to take away pain, only to offer help to others as they find the way through their pain.

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