Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Respect With Our Words

There are far too many things being said online and in the media and between people these days that are just disrespectful.  I am at a point where I just don't use certain words because they are disrespectful and in many cases, uncalled for.

Just today a friend posted something about an issue.  In the beginning words of the post, it started talking about liberal leftists.  Really?  Does anyone think that an article like this is unbiased or worthy of respect?  Does anyone think that talking like this is acceptable and human and normal?

I find it sickening in what is written and then shared without as much as a single thought to what those words mean.  I could have easily used an example where it was liberals talking about the other side.  It doesn't matter which side of the spectrum you fall on, there's always someone talking this way.  It happens in all walks of life and people from all different places.

I'm not talking about being politically correct or anything like that.  I'm not talking about anyone being overly sensitive.  I'm talking about having respect for your fellow human.  If it isn't going to help someone in a positive way and lift others up, is it really needed?  If you're trying to judge others, is that really doing something positive in society?

It is far too easy to sit behind a computer screen and hit a "like" button or "share" something or even retweet things.  No one stops to think if it is true and if it passes the snopes test.  No one stops to think what they are really saying to others.  I think if these things were being said face-to-face, most of this would never get said.

There are enough problems in this world and most of the name calling that is done through social media and the regular media (not to mention the political realm) is nothing short of displaying ignorance.  We don't need 90% of this rhetoric.  It just does nothing good for humanity other than incites people to get all worked up.

It is time we start monitoring what we say and really check in to see if it is helping others, or just hurting others.  If we truly look at what we share and post, what is it saying about us as an individual?  Surely, there are far more important things in life than just attempting to incite others by stirring the pot.

The news media has hoodwinked everyone into believing that these talking pundits sharing their various opinions is something worth watching.  There are many that make millions of dollars doing this.  Everyone that tunes into these "must watch" programs is condoning this behavior and as much to blame as the media.

This rhetoric is really not needed in our world and it really does nothing good for humanity or the universe.  I believe we need to help the world and one another.   Sometimes that means we stay silent, rather than pumping up our own ego.

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