Monday, February 23, 2015

Do You Live An Entitled Life?

I am often taken aback by the views and opinions of some in our lands.  It is too easy to think we're entitled to get our way 100% of the time.  Yes, no one will admit to this and deny that they do it, but if we are honest, our society and world has become nothing more than this.

Everyone is so busy screaming and demanding that they get their way, that they fail to realize just how much they are adding to the problem instead of helping.   Of course, when one is screaming, one is not listening and when one is not listening, its hard to really see the big picture or respect your fellow humans.

I don't believe we as humans are meant to act the way we are currently acting.  I don't believe we as humans are meant to only look out for ourselves and those that agree with us.  I don't believe we as humans are meant to be what we currently are, limiting the advancement of our species and of the world.

When we trod upon each other and act as if we are somehow better, in all reality we have lost who we truly are.  If we look upon our world as holding the answers and view all others as lost and less than, we have gained nothing.

It isn't about who is right or wrong that will help us survive as a species.  It isn't about who has the most money that will determine what someone needs in their final days.  It isn't about passing laws or pontification of our ideals that makes us someone to listen to each and every day.

When we learn how to be human with our own life and we learn to love and accept each moment we have, it is then that we become more powerful than we ever thought we could become.  It is then that we discover all that life has to offer.  It is then that we see what truly matters and was does not.

There is so much more in life for us to see and there is so much that we have not yet seen.  Let us flee from our opinions and beliefs long enough to open our eyes into an awakening like no one has ever known.  Let us drop all our fears that we hold as our masks in life, so that we can experience life to a degree never before reached by mankind.

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