Friday, July 11, 2014

One Person Can Make A Difference

Our lives touch many.  Through our lives we touch far more than we often know.  Yet, it is too easy to walk around in a vacuum thinking that we impact very few, let alone the world.  I've always believed that one person can make a difference and history proves this to be true.

Whether it is through our words, our attitude or our actions, we impact one another.  It may be for better or worse, but we definitely impact those around us.  By touch everyone around us, we touch the entire world for we are connected to each other on this earth.

Take for instance if you get up in the morning and are in a bad mood.  You grumpily say good morning to your significant other or children.  They in turn pick up on what you say and what is not spoken which they then pass along to everyone they meet.  While the full effect may become diluted with each person it is passed on to, the initial grumpy greeting still carries the energy with it.  As it continues, some people are able to wash it away and others magnify it, thereby continuing the grumpy energy along to many more than you could possibly know.

On the other hand, what if someone met a total stranger and gave them a word of encouragement or even a smile.  Just imagine what that might do for them.  Take a minute to consider how it might affect the grumpy person mentioned in the previous paragraph.  Sometimes an encouraging word or a smile can be enough to change someone's day into something that is not as difficult.

Even a lending ear to someone that just needs a person to sit with them for a moment without agenda or judgement can be life changing.  We often think we need to do so much for a person, when in all reality listening can be the most soothing balm on life's hurts and pains.  It doesn't take much and never think that even what you consider to be insignificant may mean the world to someone else.

Compassion is sometimes a dying concept in our current world order.  We tend to turn off the feelings and sensitivity in lieu of ways to fulfill our selfish needs.  Yet, compassion is the glue that helps keep us human and sensitivity is the mechanism for which we offer and receive compassion.

Never think for one moment though that your life does not affect and impact other people.  For it does!  You may never see it and to think about it may be too much to consider.  Just don't stop believing that one person can make a difference, regardless of how small or tiny or insignificant it may be.

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