Monday, July 14, 2014

Truth or Fiction in Cosmos

I love the new show "Cosmos" with Neil Tyson Degrasse.  I still remember hanging out with him waiting for the launch of the Grail Moon Mission early in the morning a few years ago.  He was funny, intelligent, and articulate.  He was personable and tended to be a big picture type of person, rather than a small minded thinker.

While I didn't believe everything he was stating and talking about, I will say one thing that was undeniable about him.  He made you think.  He made you question what you thought and why you thought it to be true.  He made you uncomfortable hanging on to your thoughts if you really couldn't prove why you hung on to those thoughts.  He stretched your mind.

I will always be grateful for the time I spent getting a lesson on the stars and all things universe.  I can understand that the show Cosmos is making people uncomfortable, but if we all have to believe the same thing, we have just reduced life down to nothing more than a one celled protozoa. 

In order to grow as a person, we need to be stretched and stretch ourselves beyond where we are.  Ok, maybe some feel that is too much, but if you truly want to grow, you can't stand in the same spot.  You have to step outside of that spot to see the spot clearly.

From my experiences being with Neil Tyson Degrasse, he makes you think. He challenges you on what you think/believe and you either walk away stronger, or you feel threatened because he made you question what you felt was your only foundation in life. I will never forget those moments waiting for the Grail Moon Mission to launch and standing in awe of Neil's words that were well articulated and so filled with passion.

It is good if our beliefs and foundations are challenged in life, because either we will find that they still serve our purposes or we will find that maybe there is some patchwork needed. The process of becoming human is never complete. Please don't be fooled by the masses into believe it is.

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