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Health Care Follies

I have to admit.  I have not had health insurance since 2003 or sometime around that point.  In fact, I've not had to go to the doctor in so many years, I'm not sure why I would start going now.  I know many people do and many people believe in this, but I'm one of the strange ones when it comes to health care.

Maybe its helped that I've done a trmendous amount of healing work on myself and I just see things differently.  I see what is possible, rather than sumcumbing to what is the norm.  I've had experiences in my life that made me doubt so much of what is pushed in modern day health care.  In all reality, I'm probably one of those that health insurance companies want on their rolls, because I cost very little.

It wasn't always like this for me.  At one time in my life, I suffered from ulcers, migraine headaches, allergies, pains of all types and of course the mother of all health care issues, conversion disorder.  Not long ago I had pulse rate that hovered around 100, high cholesterol that no medication could help and my life struggled with depression, anxiety, and a rash that covered my entire body.

Through all of this, I learned that the power to heal myself did not come from doctors, or pills or new age practices.  I learned that the power was within myself.  It took awhile to see this and it took even longer to begin learning how to fully tap what was already within me.  Now, I'm not saying I am 100% perfect and can heal any ailment within my body, but I will put myself up against any medical or new age procedure any day of the year.  I continue to play with this in my own body as I learn how this actually works.  It isn't exactly easy to repeat in other people.

While I know that my thoughts have much to do with it, and I know that stress plays a major role, there is more than these things.  I know that I had to go in and basically root out every nook and cranny of my life, including my past, my experiences and the horrors that I faced.  I had to go in and challenge my long held beliefs of what I had been taught overtly or covertly.  I had to go in and challenge the things I did not understand or the things that everyone else I knew said were true.  None of it was easy.

So when I signed up for healthcare and got my first insurance plan I've had in a long time, I was quite surprised at all the things they want to know about me.  Let me comment about a few of those things, because in all reality, I think the things that the medical establishment worries about are nothing more than a paradigm of what does not work.

  1. What medical problems do you have?
    First of all, I have no medical problems.  I have had some in the past, but I consider them to be resolved.  So all the blank lines that they give me to fill out, I would just have to write one word, NONE!  
  2. What Surgery have you had? 
    Other than having my tonsils out, I have had no surgeries.  I prefer to keep all my body parts in tact because I know that every time you open up the body and cut into it, you create trauma.  If that trauma is not allowed to be released, it stays stuck in those tissues and in the brain.  In the future, it leads to much more severe problems.
  3. What medications do you take?
    Again, it would be a one word response, NONE!  I try to avoid medications every way I can.  I've always been that way, but more now than ever.  Do I think every medication is necessarily a bad thing - NO!  Do I think most medications really help - NO!  There are a lot of invalid research studies that promote medications and fail to really evaluate them in the way they need to.  There is a thing called the placebo effect that is often disregarded because pharmaceutical companies are in the business to make money.  The more medications consumed, the more they make.  If you think medications really help, you are of the paradigm that the pharmaceutical companies like.  I just fully believe there are other ways that are pure and natural, not necessarily man-made.
  4. Diet - Do you eat at least 5 fruits or vegetables a day?
    While I'm sure many people would mark "YES" to this, I doubt they truly eat "whole" fruits and vegetables.  If they did, the produce section in the grocery store would be a much larger section than the snack food and soft drink sections.  If you're like I was growing up, I was fed fruits in the can drenched in syrup.  While you may be eating fruit, this is about the worst that you can get.  Consuming all that sugar just to get a morsel of fruit is like trying to convince yourself that we need to go back to the historic days of trying to bleed people of vapors.  Whole vegetables and fruits contain not only the necessary nutrients we need, but they have the enzymes that our bodies crave.  Without whole fruits and vegetables that aren't mutilated with other processing methods and ingredients are one of the healthiest things you can give yourself.
  5. What exercise do you do?
    I probably fall down on this one.  With my schedule and travel, it isn't always easy for me to do this and sometimes I'm not motivated.  It is one area I really work on, but most people are the same way.  TV time and computer time have taken away our exercise time.  
  6. What preventative things have you done? 
    While I know the medical establishment loves all kinds of vaccinations and tests, for the most part I think they are a waste of time and money.  In some instances, they are necessary and show a lot about the body, but they are far over prescribed in my opinion.  I personally feel that the flu shot is one of the greatest ways we abuse our bodies.  Instead of taking care of ourself and getting the proper rest, nutrition, exercise; we fill ourselves with a shot so we don't have to slow down.  I still get a kick out of people when I start hearing about the "rounds of flu" that are going around.  Its been so many year since I had the flu or a cold, that I've truly forgotten what it is.  You don't have to get the flu or cold.  
The one main thing I noticed that they didn't ask on this form is "DO YOU CONSUME WHOLE FOOD SMOOTHIES EACH DAY"?  I think this should be as normal as getting up and drinking a glass of water, but it is quite aparent in our society that we don't see how beneficial something like this is.  For the past 5 years, I have started my day with a whole food smoothie, and a glass of pure water and lo and behold, I'm not getting sick.  My health has improved.  MY overall digestion has improved.  My life is much better as a result.  It isn't that hard to do this and I look forward to it in the morning.  When I'm traveling, I really miss it.  You really want to supercharge your health and do what's right for your body, do the whole food smoothies (and not some manufactured derived drink or pill either).

At no time in the health question form does it ask how much time I spend relaxing or how much rest I get.  It doesn't ask me about my leisure activities or how often I get massage and bodywork done.  It doesn't ask me how much water I drink vs soda and coffee.  It doesn't ask me how much milk and dairy I consume.  It doesn't ask me how much fast food I consume.  They just assume that these things aren't a factor in your health and to me, they are a much bigger factor than all of the other stuff they want to know.

While I am not going to say, stop going to the doctor or stop taking your medications, I want to challenge you to find another way.  I want to challenge you to stop believing all that you hear in the news and all that the medical establishment promotes.  If you follow the money in the research studies, you will begin to understand why.

If all of the medications and medical procedures truly made us more healthy, we would no longer need them and all the ailments of the world would be cured.  If you look around, you will see this is not the case.  We're spending more and more on healthcare and we're not getting any healthier.  If I am wrong, please show me the research that states your position.

We all need to wake up because health care is going to bankrupt itself, not because of governmental policies, but because no one in this country knows how to take care of themselves.  They do almost nothing positive for their health.  No one in this country knows what it means to be in touch with their body and physically feel what is going on within them.  We're all wrapped up in the fears and lies that have been fed to us.

If you think I'm too harsh or whacko - fine.  Its your loss.  I've just learned that there is more to my life and health than what the medical establsihement and new age community feels there is.  I've seen my life transformed and I know just how far down you can go as a result of stress, past trauma and closing your eyes to what is going on in life.  This is reality, whether it seems plausible or not.  It is anyone's choice as to how you evaluate it for your own life, but I doubt if you were truly honest with yourself, that you would not see some of this as truth.

We can medicate ourselves all day long and we can subscribe to every medical procedure and new age trick, but if we don't learn how to truly get in touch with the depths of our own life, we'll never know what health is.  There is much more to living a healthy life than our country and world knows.  It is up to each one of us to discover that, even in the midst of doubt and deceit.

I don't speak from some unknown concepts.  I write these things from my own experiences that I've been through.  My body took me to my last breath and I know without a doubt how tough that was and how much more difficult it was for me to get to where I'm at.  Its possible, but it takes courage and determination and an openness to move past the paradigms we've grown up with in our life.

I have no political stake in this discussion either, but I'm writing this as something which politics has no bearing upon.  If you see this as a political discussion, you have missed the point and need to reread it before posting a comment.

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