Friday, July 18, 2014

Not Enough Judgement?

If we stop to consider our world, are we really a part of moving it forward, or are we part of the problem?  Is there not enough judgement in the world that we don't need to add to it ourselves?  These are many questions that I wish we would all ask ourselves each day.

Each and every day I open Facebook, Twitter, or my email, I'm inundated with thoughts, sayings, pictures and written beliefs that portray so much hatred.  From the religious to the spiritual new age, from the political folks to the feel good ones, there is just far too much judgement.  Whether it is through perfectly cloaked words or just outright disdain for everyone who does not believe the way they do, it hurts the entire civilization of our planet.

If you find yourself reading this and thinking, I don't judge anyone - its all the other people that do it, please let me say one thing to you directly - STOP IT!  You just judged someone else.  That's part of the problem.  Judging others makes you no better than what those are doing that you hate so much.  Its often so sneaky and sly that we don't even notice it and we surely think we don't harbor it.

I grew up in a family that hated and judged everyone and anything.  I've fought for years to let go of that and let me be the first to say, it isn't easy.  I was brainwashed to be this way from my early days as a baby.  Here's some examples that you may identify with in your own life.

  1. We hated and judged everyone that didn't go to the church we did, but we did that by claiming that all those people were lost and going to hell. Sure we backed it up with scripture in the bible, but we were forgetting Matthew 7:1 (look it up if you don't know what it is).
  2. We hated and judged everyone who had more than we did even though they might have been offering food or clothing to us, but we did it by acknowledging how righteous and pious these helpers were.
  3. We hated and judged everyone that was not one of us but we did this by smiling to them while they were in our presence and then pointing out all their flaws once they walked out the door.
  4. We hated and judged everyone that seemed to control our life and cause us harm, forgetting all along that maybe it was an area of growth or learning in our own life.  Instead, it became a time where others did us wrong.  We hid well from the reality of life.
  5. We hated and judged everyone that reminded us of something we so longed to forget, but we did that by shaming them into our way of thought and belief system.  For if they saw things our way, we were comforted, but if they didn't see things in the way we did, they were wrong.

I could continue with example after example.  I'm sure if others took the blinders off and looked at things in their own life with scrutiny, they could see just how they learned to judge and hate.  Most likely they could see how they continue that on to this day.

Unfortunately, we tend to see the ugly side of the world and we tend to celebrate our differences, rather than our similarities.  We engage in activities that back up our hatred and judgement by following our favorite news media programs or belonging to political groups that favor our ideals.  We engage in activities of hatred and judgement where we share and like and forward on things that only add to the problem, rather then help lift one another up.

I would suggest that our hatred and judgement of of others is more a reflection of our own life and all the unresolved baggage we carry around.  Whether it is hidden in religious practice, new age spiritualism and happy thoughts, or outright disdain, we should call it what it is.  We should name it as hatred and judgement.

If we want to live a life where we are real and honest and treat others as we would want to be treated, we must first open our own eyes.  As long as we continue in what we have been taught and what we have learned, we will only propagate this scorn on society.  We will only inflict the world with our every waking moment.

Why not today, try something different?  Why not try to become real with our own judgement and hatred?

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