Thursday, July 31, 2014

Can Everyone Be Wealthy?

Once again I see a promotion that is talking about money and how everyone can have it all!  The way the promo goes, everyone can be wealthy.  Everyone can have all the money they need, want or desire.  Okay, basically that's what they are saying, but maybe not in their own words.

Yet, can everyone be wealthy?

In a perfect world, everyone can be wealthy I suppose, but we don't live in a perfect world.  We are not only facing serious situations across this planet, but greed often reigns or compassion and being human.  In fact, most people are so blinded by who they are and what lies inside of them, that they would have to travel light years to discover wealth or anything good in their life.  I'm not saying it is impossible, but I am saying that we don't live in a perfect world.

Take for example that 1 million dollars is a lot of money to 90% of the population.  Maybe my percentage of the population is off a little, but to the vast majority it is a boat load of cash.  I'm sure that if you asked yourself or someone close to you if they had a million dollars, would that make them feel wealthy, the answer most likely would be yes in some form or another.

So, let's assume for a moment that $1,000,000 is what everyone had.  If we assumed what we did in the previous paragraph, than everyone would be wealthy in some form or another, right?  If it applies to one person, would it not apply to everyone?

However, there is a pitfall here that too many promote and not enough critically think about in the course of a sales pitch.  If everyone was wealthy as some say is possible, then what would happen to the price of everything we buy.  Most likely, the value of things would change.

If everyone was wealthy, would there be anyone to do the jobs that pay very little.  Would someone still bake the bread for us to eat?  Would someone still pump the water to our homes?  Would someone still want to build all the trinkets and junk we buy in our every day life?  Who would pick the vegetables and stock the grocery store shelves? Who would do all those things?  If we were all wealthy, I doubt everyone would desire to do work that they hate every day.  Are you following my line of thought here?

I really don't believe life is about wealth because wealth to one person is totally different to another.  Yet, we tend to state wealth in the terms of dollars or property or things that we have.  Someone living off the land in a cabin in the mountain may be totally content while someone living in one of the most expensive beach front homes may be suffering in isolation and loneliness and feeling like they have to stay ahead of everyone else because that is what society expects of them.

Focusing on wealth is not the way to view life in my opinion.  Yes, we all need money to live but if you compare the United States with many other countries, we're far more wealthy than we realize.  People take for granted that to have a smart phone or big house or multiple cars or cable TV - that's quite a bit to have compared to many that are struggling to find food and clean water.

If you focus on what makes you human and what makes you alive, the rest will work itself out in the long run.  Yet, most of us just give lip service to this while barely beginning to understand that which we preach to the masses.  Its too easy to tell everyone what you think they should do, but its much harder to truly get to know one's self and I mean to really know yourself.

If you think that money or items or things are the key to your happiness, then you are chasing an illusion.  If you believe the internet gurus and preachers that suggest they have the answer to your money woes all for some outrageous low price of $1999, then you are chasing an illusion.  Yes, if you buy into their thoughts, you are proving that the internet gurus definitely can become wealthy.

I do believe that we all can earn a living and a lifestyle that fits us, but not at the expense of others and not letting our own ego lead people astray.   Too many out there proclaim answers, but most would be lost tomorrow if you took this income source away.  Learn to live your own life to the best that you can and discover all that is your true essence.  Don't give into the temptation of those that appear to have all the answers in lieu of your own ability to think logically and to follow your own heart and intuition.

And who knows, somewhere in the future I may realize that I'm still on a learning plane and have not fully discovered all there is to know considering wealth and abundance.  I'm just not prepared at this time to have someone preach to me that they have all the answers and accept that as the truth for all life.

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