Thursday, July 10, 2014

Faith Based Interventions For Conversion Disorders

I just read a synopsis for a book you can purchase online.  It was about using faith based interventions for conversion disorder.  Now, while I fully respect that faith and the practice of religion can help a person in many situations, what these people are suggesting in this summary is anything but helpful.

If you are not helping people to heal, you are part of the problem.  Unfortunately, it doesn't stop people from preying on those that are down to their last ounce of strength, attempting to convince them that they just don't know how to handle stress as the means for their own survival.  Nothing like adding a little more guilt on someone because they don't buy into your faith based strategy for a mind numbing life.

Conversion disorder has nothing to do with a person praying or not praying, practicing a religious faith or not.   Conversion disorder is much more than that, but when I read what I did, it was very clear and evident that these individuals had no clue what they were saying.  Yes, they quoted some research study they did, but just because you claim to do research doesn't mean you do good quality research.

Conversion disorder is much more than "stress" in one's life.  It is much more than making it out to be some simple act of learning how to cope with stress.  Maybe if the authors of this would take off the blinders of their religious beliefs, they could see that.  Unfortunately, I know I'm preaching to the choir.

I've seen countless number of people so blinded by religious practices and faith that they could not heal easily from conversion disorder.  They were so mind numbed and sucked into a philosophy and belief system that they could not see the rope hanging down before them which would allow them to start climbing out of the hole.  They were so blinded by what they had been taught, that if anything which was healing came along, they immediately shunned it as if it was evil.

I'm wondering why we have so many in this world that hide behind a belief system, yet fail to use the cells in their brains to begin understanding what truth and healing really mean.  Its too easy to step into your world of fantasy and fail to understand the essence of life.

If you think, I'm being too harsh, you have absolutely no idea of where I am coming from on this subject.  I know first hand what conversion disorder is and I also know how much faith based practices caused me more harm than good.  It wasn't until I stepped beyond those brainwashed theories that I found the way to heal my life and become more than I ever thought was possible.

Of course, its a free world and country.  You're free to keep following those in front of you, but please when you plumet over the cliff, don't expect someone to be there waiting.  It angers me to no end when I see people who have agendas do more harm than good.  When they attempt to screw up the lives of those who have lost everything, it is then that my own claws come out.

It is at this point where if I offend you, I do not apologize because people who have experienced or are experiencing conversion disorder need a helping hand, not a guilt ridden hand.  If you can't be part of the solution, would you please go to the corner of the room and be quiet.  Let the ones that know something, offer up a pathway to healing.  Conversion Disorder patients don't need anyone misleading them in the tiniest little bit.

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