Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Giving Up On People

I saw a quote that just about makes my blood boil because it makes it just that much harder for a person to heal on their own personal journey.  In the quote, words were stated that its ok to give up on people because they don't care about their own healing or give the appearance that they don't.  Maybe you could make some type of an argument that this is the case, but like most feel good thoughts on the internet these days, this quote is more hurtful than helpful.

A healer's job is not to sit there and pass judgment on a person as to when they should care, when they should be ready to heal or move ahead.  It may feel good and give you credibility, but it really misses the point of healing.

A healer's job is to be there with someone out of pure and unconditional love.  While you  may think you know what is best for someone, most likely you do not know what is going on in the neural synapses of their mind and body.  You may claim that you do, but the only person that knows that is the individual walking their own path.

I know of very few people who have truly been there for me on my healing journey (and in the role of healer).  There were many times that I didn't get it.  There were many times that I couldn't find my way.  In fact, there were times that it seemed like we revisited the scene over and over again.  I know they were frustrated, not knowing how to get me to move beyond that which I was dealing with.

Yet, the person sat there with me and walked through the fire holding my hand out of pure love.  There weren't conditions on the love they offered.  They weren't concerned with how many days or hours or times we would face these moments.  They were just there standing in the fire with me.

While our ego and our brain may want to dictate what is best for someone that needs our help, the best thing we can do is get out of the way.  We get out of the way by being there with pure love that is unconditional.  Its that simple.  We don't have to make it more difficult with our own set of paradigms and beliefs. 

Sometimes at the moment we are about ready to give up on someone, it is exactly the moment before they will have one of the biggest breakthroughs.  Unfortunately if we follow the advice of our ego, we may never realize that point with them and further cement in our own mind that we are correct.

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