Thursday, August 16, 2012

What Would Unlimited Abundance Take?

I've been listening to the recordings by Christie Marie Sheldon on Unlimited Abundance.  One of the questions that she offers to consider is "what would it take to bring about unlimited abundance in your life?"  While that question sounds almost too good to be true, I have begun thinking about it and saying it to myself.  After all, if I am thinking about the possibilities rather than where I am currently at, I have more hope of finding unlimited abundance.  If I focus on that which I don't have right now, it most likely will get me no place.

While everyone wants to just focus on money when it comes to unlimited abundance, I believe you are doing yourself a disservice.  Yet, I don't want anyone reading this to think that focusing on abundance is a bad thing.  I'm only trying to get you to step outside of the box and broaden your thoughts in how this works in real life.  I'll share the following story to give you an example of the point I'm making.

For the past several weeks, I've been struggling in life.  Financially I had made progress going through the Unlimited Abundance course with Christie Marie Sheldon, and then all of the sudden I hit a brick wall and dropped way down.  I could not figure out what was going on and with other stresses hitting me, my life started to resemble one of hopelessness and despair.  Each day that went by, I got a little more depressed until I could just not take it anymore.

Continuing my story, I knew I needed to go see a lady that does deep energy healing in South Florida.  While I felt that to the my core, I knew I could not pay for her.  Yet, hour after hour, I felt the inner prompting to go and so I did finally make an appointment.  When I got down there, I said nothing about the how I was going to pay for it and instead focused on what I needed to shift and change my life.  In many ways, I was asking the question, "what would it take to change things in my life" just like the question Christie Marie Sheldon poses on the Unlimited Abundance course.

Throughout the session, so much changed in me and the energy shifted completely.  I went in and touched some deep and painful parts of my past, releasing the energy that was blocked there while finding forgiveness and hope for my life.  It was a transforming session and one where it showed me that I was standing in the way of my own unlimited abundance.  Often we stand in the way of our own progress and it is not until we get out of the way that things change.

This is why I was stating that abundance is more than money.  In fact, in order for me to tap into the abundance for my life, I had to go in and clear things out and drop the walls I had put up.  I had to get out of my own way because even though I've been begging the universe to help me, I've had the walls up stopping any flow to me, including clients, friends and other support people.

The story doesn't stop here though, because there is more that happened which showed me unlimited abundance was possible.  When I got through with my session, I had checked an online sales account.  Before the session, there were no sales and that had been this way for many weeks.  After the session, there was a new sale in my account that paid for the session and travel.  It was like, when I finally said it was time to step out of my own way, that what I needed was right there waiting for me.  It showed up so quick.

Hopefully I haven't confused anyone reading this with the point I was trying to make.  Unlimited abundance is sometimes stepping out of our own way to go into our pain and realize our potential for the future.  At the same time, by uncovering this potential, we are able to allow the universe to provide for us.  In the same moment, our needs that are important for us to follow our life's path will be met, if we just get out of the way of our self.  Just don't get too narrowly focused into thinking that if a check for a million dollars doesn't show up to your hands, that you somehow are missing abundance.  It may show up in other ways and if we are not careful, we'll look right past what is standing before us.

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