Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Struggling To Make It In Life

Many people throughout the world are struggling to get by and function.  Economic tough times have spread across this planet and forced people into moments they never expected.  Many struggle to make it in life.  Yet, if we look far and wide, we'll see just how well many people have it in life, compared to those that scavenge trash sites for food to survive.

When we struggle to make it in life, everything seems difficult.  Often we feel hopeless and full of despair.  As someone told me not long ago, storms never last.  We constantly have to keep perspective in our mind, because if we succumb to the despair, we'll write our own prophecy that things won't get better.

I've gone through some pretty tough times in my life.  Growing up, I can remember living in cold Iowa farm houses with inadequate heat, not having enough food to eat at times, and where buying clothes was a luxury.  Most people would not understand some of these things.  In college, I was inbetween jobs and trying to support myself when I had to find a way to eat on $20 of groceries for the month.  Even now, I'm in the midst of difficult times just like many others in our world.  Struggling to make it in life is no stranger to me.

As tough as it gets in a day, I keep telling myself that there are brighter days ahead.  I try to keep my mind focused on getting past the current situation I am, as I look for opportunities that may be just ahead in my life.  It doesn't make the days easy, but it at least gives me hope.  The more hope I have, the less despair I wallow in.

Along the lines of this post, I recently read a book called "1929".  This book was one that I enjoyed so much and it was set in a time that took place after the stock market crash of 1929.  While it is a fictional book, I think it tells a story of enduring tough times and finding a way through them.  If you want to read more about this book, you can check out my review and summary on another site of mine.

I'll leave you with this thought, if you one of those that are struggling to make it in life.  Don't give up!  No matter how difficult the times may get and how dark the days may seem, there is always brighter days ahead.  Storms often give way to some of the most beautiful weather and awesome skies we have seen in a long time.  Just as the characters in the book "1929" found a way through difficult times, so can you.

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