Friday, August 31, 2012

Favorite Blog Posts Cookin With Luv

Cookin With Luv
I'm going to highlight different blogs that I see throughout the month and give a little insight as to why I enjoyed the blog.  It will be random blog posts that I come across through my travels on the internet or social media.  There are many good things out there that are written each day and sometimes they just need to find a way to spread.

Here is the blog that I have found throughout the month of August that just made me smile, or think, or challenged me.  They may not necesarily have been written in August 2012, but that is when I found them.

Blog:  Javelin Warrior's Cookin With Luv

Topic:  Just Say Love
Date Posted:  7/19/12

The author of this blog is one of my long time friends on the internet.  Although we have never met in person, we've known each other for some time on the world wide web.  I love reading his insights into life and I love learning from him when it comes to cooking.  He has such a zest and zeal for life, that it is catchy! 

In this blog post, he talks about all these things that we do every day that seem routine, and yet they bring us to the moment we are at.  He even asks the question, "Have you ever stopped to think about the moment you're living right now?"  It is great to always be looking ahead, but he is so right that if we don't live in this current moment, we're missing out on so much.  I could not agree with him more on this.

So, check out this blog post and make sure you follow him, because he has some great cooking tips and wonderful insights.

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