Monday, August 20, 2012

Use Healing Language In Everything

Something I saw Doreen Virtue post on twitter today made me smile with joy.  It was a simple statement, but one that I think we all need to embrace and constantly think about in our day.  All too often, we use words that don't help advance our world or help others heal the difficult moments of their life.  What we say is often a reflection of what is going on inside of us and we are either helping advance the world, or we are part of the problem.

The statement that Doreen Virtue made on twitter is, "Work with the angels to use healing language in everything that you say and write.".  (Source:

While I know just about everyone reading this would want to agree and say this is what we do, I've got a feeling, not everyone would be honest with themselves.  You see, we often do not consciously connect with what we say and so many times we really don't listen to what we say.  We state things that just come out of our mouth with little thought.

Instead, what if instead of being quick to say something, we connected with the joy and gratitude in our hearts to do this?  What if we asked our angels to help us do this throughout our day?  Just think of how this might not only change our life, but of everyone we meet.  This simple thing could change the world, because the change we wish to see in the world, begins with us.

The next time you go online and get ready to leave a new story comment, or you tweet a message out or post something to Facebook, consider the language you are using.  The next time you speak to a friend, coworker, business partner or some stranger on the street, consider what you are saying.  If you do this and connect with your heart, you will most likely see just how much this changes the world you live in.

We can all be much more than we are and if we consciously connect with how we communicate, we can impact the world in wonderful ways.  The language we use is up to us and how conscious and aware we are in our life.  No other person can do this for us.  It originates within us.

Doreen Virtue is the author of the book, The Lightworkers Way which I enjoy.

I also use Healing With The Angel Oracle Cards that Doreen Virtue has created.

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