Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just Be My Friend

Just be my friend and walk with me through the meadows of life. While you walk, don't be alarmed if I become afraid of taking a step into a forest that is on my path and part of my journey. Try not to worry about me as I walk through this forest alone, searching for the other side.

Know that I will keep walking my journey and keep putting one foot in front of the other until I reach the meadow to reunite once again. It may take me some time to find my way, but in due time, I will find my steps.

Sometimes, I just need to know that you are waiting on the other side of this dark part of my journey. Sometimes just knowing you are there and listening to my tears is more comfort than I could ever imagine at that moment.

Please know that you cannot walk my path for me no matter how much you would like to do this. It is not your path and even if you walked it for me, I would be missing a major part of my own journey.

As difficult as it may be for you to only watch as I walk through these dark moments, please realize that you are truly offering much more to me than you may currently realize. Sometimes, the silence and withdrawing is the moments where I am trying to figure out how to place my feet on my path. Taking my eyes off those moments, only delays me from taking another step.

And know that as I walk, my thoughts of having a dear friend as close as you walking with me in spirit, is energy to my feet and sustenance to my body. It is the glue that helps keep all of us walking onward into and through those difficult moments.

In life, the one that shines the flashlight is as vital as the one that is taking a step. Sometimes, without a dear friend holding the flashlight, finding the path becomes much harder. It isn't that I always will be in a difficult moment because there will come many more days where I have the privilege of shining the flashlight for you on your own journey.

(Above Picture taken at Wekiwa Springs - (c) 12/25/07)

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  1. Hi Don. Steven Cravis sent me (and many others I'm sure) an email about your blog post from your experience on Oprah. That is how I came to your blog. It fed my soul to read your experience.

    Wow, I didn't plan on talking about that, meaning that blog post, but as I type away I find I have much to say, particularly in conjunction with my own male survivor experience.

    Thank you for your blog. This post "Just Be My Friend" is a great expression of love and healing. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Thank you Noble for sharing what you have. If you ever feel like sharing anything more, please feel free to. As time goes, I will be sharing more of my story online in the blog. A condensed version is in the book I just finished. There is so much more though.

    Just be my Friend was something that I wrote to myself when I was hoping the world could be there for me a little more than it was. I'm glad these words touched you as well.






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