Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Seasons In Life

It is amazing how things change from one day to the next. Take for example, how the weather may go from high temperatures to much lower temperatures. It just happens. There may be some scientific explanation, but no one really controls what the temperature will be from one day to the next.

Then we pass from winter and spring into summer and fall. Again, it just happens. You barely notice it is taking place until the weather patterns changed and the temperature signals a new season. Even then, it may not be a direct demarcation that can pinpoint when one season ends and a new season starts.

So to, it is like our days. Moments connect together and then they change. We may not see the point where it could be proven that we did change. All we may notice initially is the differences and challenges we face in one day. The intensity or feel of them may be different as we move through our own moments. This may give rise to a new season in our life, without fully knowing it has taken place. Not until we look back on the footprints in the sand, do we see our life as having passed through another season.

While we are taught there are four seasons, winter, spring, summer and fall, there are many seasons in our life. For each season, there is a time for it to be a part of our existence. When it is finished, it will be like leaves falling from a tree, signaling a new moment in time. The ending of a season gives way to something different for our life. It gives us the opportunity to experience new moments, new challenges and different seasons.

(Above Picture taken in West Virginia - (c) 10/07/10)

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